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February 2020


 Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017)

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Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) Empty
PostSubject: Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017)   Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) EmptyFri Jan 26, 2018 12:43 am

Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) 9f26f811

Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) Be-Afraid-2017-movie-Drew-Gabreski-5

As always, everytime i find out that a new horror movies is being release (doesn't matter if i was wating anxiously for it or not), i feel the uncontrollable need of watching it at the movie theaters -despite stupid kids chewing there stupid popcorn and other stuff without any kind of impunity- i always let myself go with the plot and it ends being an awesome experience. That wasn't the case with "Be Afraid". Despite i was able to enjoy it because the room was almost empty, i couldn't stop thinking in how that piece of shit was release in a movie theater. I swear, never before i felt that a movie i was watching in a theater looked exactly like one of those movies you may find while zapping on a saturday afternoon

Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) Maxresdefault

The movie is shown to us like another sleep paralisis one and the stuff people who deal with it has to go through (like the "super fun and interesting" Dead awake lol")... buuuut you have to wait like half a movie to finally see the protagonist experience it, wich left me with the feeling that an attractive topic such as sleep paralisis it's only an excuse for creating an awful movie. Be Afraid is set in a small town in Pennsylvania, you know, one of those towns that everyone knows. In the first scene we see a man struggling with something we don't clearly know what is (and we won't know in the whole movie btw). That something takes his daughter away, and if you already had watch movies in wich a supernatural freak takes little kids away, you know that it's very uncommon that they will be returned alive so... Next, the Chambers family moves to the small town trying to start a new life and bla bla. We see a father that spends little time at home because of his work, an overprotective mother and the son of both of them. Up next is the the father's elder son, who comes back with the pretext that he left college. This character and the rest of characters that will show up in town: police chief, his ex wife and daughter, etc. are going to leave us with that feeling of "what the fuck are they doing in this movie??"

Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) Be-Afraid-2017-movie-Drew-Gabreski-2

So as the movie goes on, the characters develop some serious superficial relationship, with elements that doesn't make any sense at all. An example of this is the story that ben (elder douchebag son) tells to the girl he likes about an accident in wich his mother died and he survived and that he felt that his mother guards him as a guardian angel. I mean, all of that stuff could potencially helped in building a cool plot, but it doesn't lead anywhere because it's not mention again during the whole movie and only distract us from the main plot. The Chambers move to a house near the woods, and the little son, Nathan, can't held the feeling of being attracted by it. That's how Nathan rides his tricycle (this is an obvious reference to The Shining... shitty movie do not make references to awesome movies!!!!11) deep in the woods with the sole purpose of investigating. There he finds the guy from the beggining of the movie (the one who the supernatural freak kidnapped his daughter), and all of a sudden the cops show up. For the family something starts to look suspicious, like if the town was trying to hide a situation that they can't know about. Oh, and a strange women starts to follow them.


Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) 7138

I need to repeat that during the second half of the movie, everything happends really fast and they are lots of unnecessary elements (a lot!). Maybe the only real function of douchebag Ben is to be the head of the family afte his father disappeared. On the other hand, the movie never explains why the father was able to swap places with his son, this because in the other scenes seems like the creepercrookedman weirdo "feeds" with everything he cans, and is not willing to swap places.

Anyway, i felt like shit after watching this movie in a theater, but i think that if i had watch it in my cosy bed with my dog and with a huge list of horror movies to choose from, it's a 100% sure that i would only had watch a half of it. I really don't recommend this one, because despite having a shitty acting and plot, the special effects are shitty as well. And as i mention before, sleep paralisis is such an attractive topic, but this movies didn't knew how to use it in an accurate way.


Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017) 5pEXPln
It seems that Lara forgot to put on her tampon before going for a swim...

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Tombstone Review: Be Afraid (2017)

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