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February 2020


 Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)

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Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Empty
PostSubject: Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)   Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) EmptyFri Dec 01, 2017 11:02 am

Today, i want to tell you about one of the greatest and famous films in 20's century. It was banned due censorship which started in 80's.

Today we talk about "Driller Killer"

Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) 9f26f811

Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Driller-Killer-5

Genre of that film is kinda weird for all horror typed films. It combines typical slasher and black humor, which are played they roles for reputation of "Driller Killer" and it's great for all horror genre.

The plot of film tells us about strugling artist named Reno Miller, who during of all film chronometrage showed like madman, who kills people without remorse by iconic weapon - power drill. What makes this film good - a relentless killing of innocent, it looks like from one videogames which you turn people's head into a blood mess.
The main character is too great for this film, his killings are combined with black humor which are too great added here.
I don't like power drill (in films of course) - they slow and not too effective for a fast kill, but they bring a lot of pain.
Reno are lookin' here too relentless, which makes a mixed opinion here, he are not tryin' to intimidate victim, he trying only to kill victim without remorse.
At least a film have a good cast like:
Carolyn Marz
Abel Ferrara and others.

As for a last word, i can say that the "Driller Killer" have impressed me with plot, and perfect combining black humor and slasher. It is too bad that the film was censored like the other film of that time.
I recommend this film for all who like black humor and slasher combinin'

Overall: 8.5|10


Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) NBgFzcg

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Judge Redd

Judge Redd

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Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)   Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) EmptyMon Dec 04, 2017 11:11 am

I doubt I am the only person that when I hear the word Banned, I am overcome with curiosity. Great Review
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Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)   Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) EmptyMon Dec 04, 2017 11:59 pm

Awesome review Star  Congratulations!, really cool that you enjoy this kind of films as well. Drill Killer is a movie i watched several years ago and really hate it, but after reading your review i decide to re-watch it again cause i thought "hmmm, back in the day i was all jason voorhees fangirl and maybe i couldn't really appreciate this movie... i'll give it another chance". Guess what tho, i still fucking hate it. I must really ask, did you really like the plot of Driller Killer? closed eyes smile. Okay, so first the movie title is just awesome: Driller Killer, those two words are enough to hype anyone... but imo it just promises more than what it really offers. I felt that the pace was extremely slow and parsimonious for a slasher movie, nothing happends at all and it fails in developing an interesting plot like you mention. Ferrara tries to relate and develop Reno's thoughts with violence, art and music, but he failed doing so and fucks up the whole movie by confusing and boring everyone (i wish i could have used the drill with Ferrara after watching the movie)

Plot was so boring for me, i really tried to find out something the hooked me up to it but i just couldn't, and that leaves me with the original idea of the movie: a psycho killer on the loose with a drill doing what he wants... but no, i had to watch a entire hour of bullshit until finally the massacre starts. This is so wrong in a slasher film imo, you just can't have a bloodthirsty audience waiting a whole hour for the killings to start, my god. Reno Miller is just a retarded with a drill in his hands and i'll definitely not be seeing this movie again.

Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) 5pEXPln
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Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)   Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978) Empty

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Tombstone Review: Driller Killer (1978)

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