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Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp 963578843666749.3281.984305707
September 2019


 Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp

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Judge Redd

Judge Redd

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PostSubject: Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp   Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp EmptyTue Jun 20, 2017 11:59 pm

Hello All.
So what is the Tombstone Review? It is my attempt to bring into light my personal opinions on some horror related films, be them underrated or overrated. I will be tackling subjects such as genre, level of gore/blood, story, setting, kills (this is dependent on the variety of kills) and how it racks up to today’s standards of horror. In the future, I may also transfer over to games, but for now let’s stick with movies shall we?

Today we are going to talk about a movie that is underappreciated in my opinion and while its story is perhaps one you could find around any campfire, it doesn’t skimp on the violence. I am talking about Robert Hiltzik's 1983 Movie "Sleep away Camp":

Genre: So ZombieRedNeck, what genre of horror is "Sleep away Camp"? Well, like a majority of 80s horror movies set in camps, it’s a slasher flick. Bunch of teens at a summer camp are about to get slaughtered, as well as any adults that run into the killer. So what makes this plot different from your other run of the mill 80's slasher flick set in camps? Because there is more to this than meets the eye, which actually makes it one of the more enjoyable slasher flicks of the decade.

Basic Plot: After a horrible boating accident that results in the death of her family, a shy and depressed Angela is sent to live with her aunt Martha with her protective cousin Ricky. Years later during summer, Martha sends the kids to good ole Camp Arawak for some wholesome teenage fun. However soon after their arrival, a series of strange and increasingly violent accidents begin to occur throughout the camp.

Level of Gore and Blood: I know some people don’t like their Marys bloody, or can’t stand the sight of gore, so this section is for those people. Sleep away camp is not for the faint of heart. The level is a solid 6 on this film, but only due to stabbings, corpses, and a decapitated head. There is a good level of blood, but nothing that would I would say you haven’t seen in a horror film. Gore wise, there isn’t much there either. It’s more the violent acts that are impressive. Speaking of which.

Kills: This movie's level of violence is actually pretty damn high and rather creative at least for the time it was created. While other killers at the time use a knife or a machete, this killer uses more everyday items to make it seem like accidents at first. Within the first 7 minutes of the movie you see a family get their heads taken off by a speeding boat (with the exception of Angela). The body count officially hits the 12 mark for this movie, which is a pretty decent amount for a movie of 85 mins. One of my favourite kills in a horror movie actually stems from this movie; it also ranks as one of the only kills I watched after years of horror movies that got me to shout holy shit! This is where a female camper is killed by a hair curler. I won’t say how, but its worth that watch.

Setting: The movie pretty much switches from night and day, and all the campers are actually pretty young actors and actresses. Since the story focuses primarily on them getting killed, it makes this movie stand out from other camp slasher flicks I have seen. It’s a typical summer camp setting. We do see different environments in the camp however, with there being a great difference in colour and environment within the male and female living quarters (as to be expected), with one being a bit more brutal than the other.

How it racks up: Overall Sleep away Camp is a great movie and with its rather violent kills and themes of blossoming sexuality and the effects of trauma, it holds up rather well with that of modern horror films. While at first it appears to be a simple enough horror, it surprises the viewer with its original kills and violent attacks. It’s not without its flaw by any means, but does a rather good job of dishing out the chills and making you as uncomfortable as possible. If you’re a slasher fan, and want a rather interesting story with creative kills, this is the movie for you.

Overall Mark: 8/10

This movie is rated for mature audiences. There is nudity, blood and violence. So be very careful who you watch it with.
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Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp   Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp EmptyWed Jun 21, 2017 6:18 pm

Well, that was an interesting read, and I really like your idea of making movie reviews like that.

Sounds like a fun movie to watch, so to speak. If I get the opportunity, I'll watch it, if only to see that "death by hair curler" thing. There was a time where I did watched a lot of horror movies and slasher like that, but my interests turned towards other genre. And to be honest the latest horror and slasher movie aren't even interesting to watch in my opinion.

Anyways, that movie review idea is a great one I think. And I hope to see many more, really nice work you did there buddy Wink

Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp SjXlIwi
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Tombstone Review: SleepAway Camp

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