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August 2018

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 FO4: Sunshine Tidings won't attract settlers

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PostSubject: FO4: Sunshine Tidings won't attract settlers   Mon Jan 22, 2018 6:23 am

I designated this settlement as a "settler farmer". It's sole purpose was to attract mass amounts of settlers so I could move them to other settlements. The problem is that it does not attract any. I put down probably 20 beacons, have 60+ beads, 100+ food, 300+ power, and I think 200+ water. All topped off with turrets all over which bring the defense up to 400+. By all means, it should be producing settlers at a high rate, but it hasn't produced a single one. At first, I pegged this as a time thing so I played the game and would pop open the map to see if one popped up every once in a while. In-game weeks have gone by and none spawn there, but they spawn in other settlements. Even settlements I haven't even built up and have nothing other than a single beacon. I tried sending a settler to Sunshine Tidings manually to maybe trick the game into thinking that settlers could go there, but I don't think he ever showed up.

Is this whole settlement broken or something? Anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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FO4: Sunshine Tidings won't attract settlers

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