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Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) 963578843666749.3281.984305707
September 2019


 Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974)

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Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) Empty
PostSubject: Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974)   Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) EmptyWed Dec 20, 2017 3:19 am

Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) 9f26f811

Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) 3206c2adf2bbdef1373351fa0542e6f1--black-christmas-movie-christmas-horror-movies

Was the awesome, destructive, deranged, angry, perturbed, evil and murderous Michael Myers the first holiday psycho killer? Nope. 4 years before there was this really, really creepy guy named Billy who terrorizes a sorority house, calling his victims before killing them (that's right, Ghostface wasn't the first psycho killer to do the phone thing). This means that Black Christmas was the first ever real and ORIGINAL slasher film, and my second favourite besides Halloween. I'm not lying to everyone when i say I’ve watched Black Christmas at least 8 times because of how awesome it is. That's the main reason i decide to review it... So here it is: Torsorapistgirl reviews Black Christmas because Black Christmas is the best Christmas theme movie evah.

First of all, i will like to mention how important Black Christmas is for the horror/slasher genre due to the variety of opinions that is able to generate; everyone can love it (like moi, of course) or simply be unable to recognize how great it is, even many people may have not watch it despite being a huge reference of the genre. But if something is true, that is that Black Christmas is definitely one of the most important slasher and horror films to ever exist due to his huge influence one the genre and the way it managed to scare the fuck out of everyone back in the day. No, there is no room for Santa Claus or Christmas miracles, this is about blood and a creepy weird psycho killer who enjoys making even more creepy weird scary phone calls (and killing of course)

Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) Blackchristmas_1_1050_591_81_s_c1

So the plot goes about a group of girls of a sorority house located in Canada that are getting ready to return home for Christmas vacations. During their last night before leaving, they start getting obscene phone calls from a creepy, weird and scary guy. None of the girls takes the guy seriously, thinking he's just a perv guy so they continue to pack their stuff; but the phone calls get even more strange each time. The girls start to worry when Clare disappears after going up to the second floor to get her bag. The next they, girls meet with Clare's father and call the police, but no one really cares about what happened. However, the obscene phone calls continue, and soon the police receive the news about another girl who's also missing. So that leaves Barbie, Phyllis and Jessica as the only remaining girls inside the house, which means that they're really fucked XD.

Black Christmas is inspired in real life events. You could the great work Roy Moore did with the script, such as adding "the final girl", that girl who is the leader of the and has to overcome her fears to face a psycho killer whose identity is unknown and survive the night. But there is one more thing Black Christmas has the other slasher movies don't: it develops his characters by making them very realistic and creating empathy between them. Another good thing that i love when it's well made is the appropriate use of black humour, which breaks the heavy atmosphere in a very smart way.

Bob Clark directs the film in an outstanding way and without making the common mistakes most slasher film directors make, like showing naked girls and stuff. I think that was the best thing of the movie, Bob avoided all that and created a super mysterious psycho killer. The mystery around the killer is such that while the movie develops, we see everything from his perspective yet we don't know nothing,, we don't know what makes him want to kill... we don't know shit about him the during whole movie because we never get to see his face, which makes him extra creepy

Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) Blackchrist5

Another thing to point out is how good acting was in Black Christmas... "Holy shit Torsorapistgirl, are you really trying to say that a slasher movie with good actors exist??? Yes! Believe it or not. Acting is so good, 3 main girls did an awesome as college teenagers. I know, maybe they didn't have the depth of any Shit of Thrones character, but the script gave them freedom to develop their characters, something they did really well by breaking all stereotypes and giving their characters a defined personality. Margot Kidder owned the movie with her performance as Barbie imo. Same with Marian, who is the owner of the house and is responsible for most of the funny moments of the movie. Andrea Martin did a good work, but not as good as the other girls. Finally, John Saxon (yes, the John Saxon!) performance as Lieutenant Kenneth was fucking great.

Many movies have been call the "the original slasher film", such as Halloween, Psycho, Reazione a Catena (which is a giallo imo), The Texas Chain Saw Massacre... But like i have mention during the whole review, it was Black Christmas the one that combined all elements in an exact proportion to create the most awesome genre of all: Slasher. This is also a bad thing because despite having a ton of originality and creating a new style, people may find Black Christmas very slow and cliché after so much time; to the point that they may speculate that his status of "cult film" is due to the fact that it was the first real film of the genre. But this is no true, not at all.

Black Christmas is awesome no matter what. It doesn't have gallons of blood, big boobs everywhere, jumpscare or "shocking" plot twists like sleepaway camp. Everything is well made, the fear and tense atmosphere is great thanks to Billy's creepy voice because you know that people like that really exists


I really recommend everyone to watch Black Christmas during Christmas Eve just to get the chills.... just don't watch the piece of shit remake pls, please!

Overall: 11/10

Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974) 5pEXPln
It seems that Lara forgot to put on her tampon before going for a swim...

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Tombstone Review: Black Christmas (1974)

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