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January 2022


 {World Building} The History of Miren | Dying

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{World Building} The History of Miren | Dying Empty
PostSubject: {World Building} The History of Miren | Dying   {World Building} The History of Miren | Dying EmptyMon Mar 20, 2017 7:01 pm

It was a difficult process, learning how to transcend time, and it took me almost a hundred years just to fully grasp the concept. When I did understand, though, progress went from a crawl to an unstoppable force barreling towards what was no longer an immovable object. In those days when I toured the world behind Ade I never dreamed of such heights, then, I never dreamt of a peasant standing up to the apocalypse and defeating it. This world has gotten away from me, rather, I have gotten away from it. Rajamie was so shocking to me, I thought that there was surely no creature to best it, I was wrong.

Year 0 Day 3

The sun moves closer to the horizon, it sets and its light is still barely in the sky: The gray sky, the black sky, the blank sky. Then a sparkle, a twinkle, far, far away in that sky there is a contrast, an angel falls to earth. It lands and it is beautiful. It is pure and calm and understanding. It blows a kiss to the sky and more sparkles appear far, far away. The angel sits and shakes its head, the sparkles do not fall, and they do not land, but they are beautiful, even from far, far away. The angel is sitting upon wet sand looking out at the sea, it is smiling. It sits there until the sun starts to rise in its pale gray sky, the angel waves its hand like a brush against the sky and where it paints the sky becomes orange, and blue, and puffs of white that she crawls onto and lays there sweetly. There the Angel stays, floating with the sun.

The sun moves closer to the horizon and the Angel  drifts with it, resting on its cloud. The Angel in the cloud is tired. The sun dips below the sea and the angel can see the rest of the world, more than what it was on the beach. Below the Angel in the cloud is more than sand and sea, there is soil, there is a giant, there is a creature that is enraptured in vines, its arms spread as it looks up to the sky. When the creature sees the Angel in the cloud, vines spread away from its body, and the angel sees it in its old, misshapen and crooked body. The creature nods and the Angel looks out to see the giant again, sprinting and leaping and laughing. The angel knows now, the giant will trip, its bark like skin will break, and something beneath it will reveal itself, perhaps an angel.

The angel sees one last thing as it grows tired on its cloud. Beneath it now is a vast desert. As it stares down it sees something in the desert that makes the angel shed a tear, because it knows. If the giant, in its massive size, in its athleticism and grandeur can trip, than surely so can the Angel in the cloud fall. Beneath its cloud the Angel sees what will happen when it does, it has no skin to shed, only bones to break. Mournfully it touches the sky and so from the beach it once laid upon the sky looks a wistful pink. So that the Creature sees a blazing orange. So that the Giant stops its sprint and sees a foreboding dark green-blue. The thing in the desert, if there was a thing in the desert, looks up to see the black sky shimmering with far, far away angels. The Angel in the cloud is so tired, it blows another kiss and again the black and shimmering sky changes, as the far away angels take the kiss and make a blanket of blue for the Angel in the cloud.

When the thing in the desert, if there was a thing in the desert, looks up it sees that the Angel in the cloud has made something beautiful, it has changed everything. The blank sky is filled with color, with wistful pinks and blazing oranges, with foreboding dark blue-greens, and a black sky filled with beautiful twinkling angels and blankets of blue. And as the Angel in the cloud closes its eyes and drifts peacefully off to sleep, it smiles.

Year 0 Day 2
Year 0 Day 1

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{World Building} The History of Miren | Dying 4wcQkTt
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{World Building} The History of Miren | Dying

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