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January 2022


 {World Building} The History of Miren | Living

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{World Building} The History of Miren | Living Empty
PostSubject: {World Building} The History of Miren | Living   {World Building} The History of Miren | Living EmptySat Mar 18, 2017 8:21 pm

I am Almearufah, the greatest mind of Miren and, possibly, all worlds and spaces beyond time. I was the first of any being within time to speak to the being outside of time. Though subjects like “first” and “last” mean nothing to me now. This being, this creature outside of time, is invisible to your eyes. There are things that even I currently, with my many ascensions from within time from mortal to beyond a god, cannot comprehend. Things that if I heard, I could not hear, that if I saw, I could not see, if I felt, I could not feel, if I ate, I could not taste. This is the nature of beyond the universe. This is important to note while I am still tangible to you, because I have recorded the history of my world where I was born. The birth, the life, the dying, and the death of Miren, to preserve it, for future worlds, the worlds that come after, though subjects like “before” and “After” mean nothing to me now.

Year 0 Day 2
The sun rises over the horizon to view a landscape dotted with trees and shrubbery, they are meager and stem from a vine that leads far away. The landscape is encompassed partly by dust and dirt and shortly away from the outskirts of the greenery is a river, flowing and calm. Sitting by the river is a tree, wide and tall, brown and green and blossoming. Unlike the other plants this tree is untouched by the far away vine and looks older, somehow more grizzled and gnarled. Slowly, though, the vine does reach out to the tree, seeming to struggle to stretch further and further until finally it taps one of its roots.

Then a hand forms from one of its branches, then an arm, then it uproots on two legs, and as a head forms the tree collapses and rolls into the river. Moments later it emerges: A giant with skin the texture of bark and long hair the smooth cool green of leaves. It drinks from the river in great gulps until the water is shallow. The Giant seems unbothered, it stands and begins to walk, to jog, to run and leap. It is sprinting and jumping over the dunes and where it goes the world around it may flourish or it may fade. Still, just with its presence there, the world where it is touched by the giant is changed. So the last of the dust fades and blades of grass appear in fertile soil, and as the giant runs, it smiles.

Year 0 Day 1 | Birth

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{World Building} The History of Miren | Living 4wcQkTt
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{World Building} The History of Miren | Living

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