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May 2018

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 Then it happened and I realized I made a big mistake in judgement...

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PostSubject: Then it happened and I realized I made a big mistake in judgement...   Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:11 am

I've been playing Fallout: New Vegas since the game was released. I've tried just about every weapon in the game and each DLC. I've collected all unique weapons, armors and such. I thought that some of the weapons were rather gimmicky though others may disagree, and possibly rightfully so. One of the weapons I had not tried was the:

Holy Frag Grenade

I'd never read about the HFG since I like to collect various unique weapons and armor just to honestly say that I did yet haven't tried them for the aforementioned reasons. I normally place those weapons on display especially the HFG since there was only three of them. I wanted to provide proof that I had honestly collected the unique weapon(s) in the Underground Hideout mod's Display Room; which seemed natural for someone like me though I do have my uninhibited moments where imma gonna destroy everything.  Joy Dance

Earlier this morning I decided to start a new 'Cause Chaos Throughout NV' playthrough in which I didn't care what was in the way I would mow them down. Several in-game days later (and a ton of bodies) I wound-up at Camp Searchlight. After defeating the two geckos (double-barrel shotgun FTW!) I grabbed the prize. Kept the nades in inventory on the chance I felt the need to use them would arise. And, it did.

Reached Nipton a day later when the Frumentarii Vulpis Inculta was just exiting Nipton Hall. At that point in the game I was hell-bent on destroying the Legion through any means at my disposal. Having Project Nevada installed the HFG was hot-key equipped and I got the wild hair to use the nade.

Upon approaching the group of Legion I let her rip then charged headlong into mass with my Double-Barrel Shotgun blazing. Mowing those bastards down like no tomorrow. Then the nade went-off...

There were body parts flying through the air. Legs, arms and such. Including mine. Momma, I just made a big mistake. Doh!

What compounded the error in judgement was the last manual save was right outside of Camp Searchlight. I don't use fast-travel so I walked all the way back. BrickWall Headbutt

What brings me to tell you this tale is there are moments where we have all had lapses of good judgement.

What are your stories? Dancey

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PostSubject: Re: Then it happened and I realized I made a big mistake in judgement...   Sat Jul 18, 2015 3:19 am

I once decided it would be a good idea to delve alone into a Viper-infested mountain campground... With nothing but a Mosin Nagant, 1911, and my trusty combat knife. It was a very bad idea.

It went quite smoothly at first but eventually I reached the center of the campground. I advanced beyond cover and quicksaved. About 1 second later, a barrage of fireballs flew from the distance, killing me instantly.

I eventually, after about 9 attempts, made it safely back to cover. Those fireballs were coming from a unique Viper boss. I killed him with my knife and scored the loot. It wasn't worth the suffering overall.
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Then it happened and I realized I made a big mistake in judgement...

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