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May 2022


 Curse of the Dragonborn (Post-Skyrim Fanfic)

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Curse of the Dragonborn (Post-Skyrim Fanfic) Empty
PostSubject: Curse of the Dragonborn (Post-Skyrim Fanfic)   Curse of the Dragonborn (Post-Skyrim Fanfic) EmptyMon Nov 17, 2014 7:35 am

This is a fanfic I'm writing for the events that happen after Skyrim's main quest. So far, it's a WIP. Wanted to see what people here thought of it.

Characters (So far)

Kalur Rune: Kalur is a 21-year old, dark skinned Argonian who is one of the Dragonborn. He can be recognized by several scars over his left eye and on his chest from a fight he barely survived, along with rope burn scars on his wrists from escaping capture by a slave trader, and a broken spike on the right side of his head. He specialized in Daggers and Short swords, mainly wielded two at a time, and is also adept in Archery and Destruction magic. He wears a green magician tunic, with a hood, along with laced leather pants, fur boots and bracers. He first discovered he was a Dragonborn two years ago when he helped slay a dragon in Morthal. When he absorbed the Dragon's power, he didn't understand what had happened to him. Then one of the knights called him a Dragonborn, on observation of the event. In fear, he fled from Morthal as quickly as he had arrived, ignoring the call of the Greybeards. Still denying the Dragon blood flows through his veins, and unsure of his own destiny, he now roams across the land. His most recent stop is in the Village of Riverwood.

Dulian Hawker: This 20 year old, dark-haired, fair Redguard mage is recognizable by her emerald-green eyes, lean figure and a magicka tattoo on her left hand, along with her striking red mage robes. She is part of the Mages Guild, and is in the land of Skyrim trying to help out with the dragon problem on orders from the Guild. Her first stop is Riverwood, where she will meet Kalur Rune during a dragon attack, in which he saves her life, along with the village.

Golamus Llaram: Golamus Is a Dark Elf, 19 years of age with fiery red hair and eyes, and is a member of the Dark Brotherhood, the league of assassins that operate in Tamriel. He has tattoos on his face, and is skilled in the art and tools of assassination for someone of his age. He is tracking Kalur Rune, interested in his abilities and his value to the brotherhood. He is hoping to twist his inner darkness to make him a weapon of the brotherhood. His road also leads to Riverwood, and his target.

Dovah: Little is known about this Nord warrior whom is also a Dragonborn. His piercing blue eyes hidden behind his helmet, dark brown hair flowing out from underneath it. His hide armor has seen many battles, as has his sword. He is adept in all arts of combat, and is also a Dragonborn. He is also tracking down Kalur Rune, to try to open his eyes to his destiny. His path also will lead him to Riverwood, where he will find Kalur.

Here's the first chapter. Tell me what you think.

Chapter 1
A Dragon's flame


Kalur Rune walked into Riverwood, making sure his hood covered his head. He was still fearful of what people would think, what people would do, if they found out he was a Dragonborn. The knights in Morthal called it a powerful, blessed gift. But Kalur saw it as a curse. All he wanted to do was settle down somewhere and live a peaceful, uneventful life, but the Curse of the Dragonborn, as he called, it, put a halt to those plans. He checked his fur bracers to make sure the scars on his wrists were covered. Another thing from his past he didn't want anyone to know about. Nearly being sold into slavery had shaken him to the core. It was hard for him to trust anyone anymore.
But right now he was tired. He needed to sleep. He had been hiking all day. So he went to the inn. There, he saw a striking Redguard woman. Dark-haired, with emerald green eyes, dressed in crimson red robes. She clearly was a mage, as she was with other mages. She looked very beautiful. But the fatigue was getting to him. So he rented himself a room, and went there to sleep.
As he lay in slumber, he started to dream. Dream about his life before he started traveling. When he was at peace.
But that peace would not last long, for as he slept, a Dragon was descending on the innocent village of Riverwood...

Dulian Hawker saw the mysterious Argonian enter while she was discussing the assignment the Mages Guild had given her and her fellow mages: To help prepare Riverwood for a Dragon attack. He seemed so mysterious as he walked in, as if his life had been swallowed up by a deep, dark secret. A secret that seemed to terrify even him. She watched him as he walked by.
She wasn't the only one. In the shadows was a dark elf, whom was eyeballing the Argonian ever since he walked into the inn. Whatever he wanted with the Argonian must not have been good.
But she then returned to her task of figuring out the best plan to defend against a dragon. One of the mages would take a post to watch while the others rested, watching the sky in shifts. If the dragon did come, they would awaken the others and defend the town. There were five people in the group. She just hoped it would be enough.
She got the first watch. The others went to rest.
After a few hours, she went in and got some tea, then went back out. The night was quiet.
Then, birds began to fly from the trees, the sky rumbled. Then, embers began to fall.
The dragon was here.

Kalur was awoken by a loud snapping noise. The snapping of wooden beams. He bolted up, and smelled smoke. He threw on his gear, and was outside in a flash. The town was on fire!
And right in front of him, was a dragon. The mages he saw earlier were fighting it! Lightning and fire spells flew through the air, as did the dragon's booming shouts.
“RUN!” He heard someone scream. The town was in a panic, people were running everywhere, some were taking up arms, others were just panicked and running for their lives.
Kalur was about to do the same until he saw the Redguard mage get thrown into one of the town walls. She was unconscious, and the Dragon was going right for her! He had a choice: Help, or run.
He chose to help. He got out his hunting bow, and used his dragon shout. It rippled across the town, and got the dragon's attention.
“That's it! OVER HERE, UGLY!” He shot an arrow right in the Dragon's snout. It wasn't happy with this. It started off after him.
Kalur started to lure it away from the town, shooting his arrows at it. One hit in the nostril, another in it's eye. It shot fire from it's mouth as he dived behind a rock.
He then used his lightning spell against it, pouring out power with all of his will. But this dragon was a tough one. Tougher than the one he fought in Morthal! He poured out another lightning volley from his hands, but the dragon beat it's wings and sent him flying into a tree. He struck it like a sack full of bricks. He heard something audibly crack, and it hurt.
The next thing he knew, the dragon was charging him! He rolled out of the way just in time to avoid being stomped on. He then quickly got to his feet, ignoring the pain, and jumped on the dragon's head, stabbing and slashing. The Dragon shook violently, trying to throw him off, but Kalur wouldn't let go. He couldn't. Not with all those people that were still in danger!
One more stab right in the other eye, and the dragon thrashed, throwing Kalur off. He hit the ground hard, and blacked out as the dragon fell over, dead.
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Curse of the Dragonborn (Post-Skyrim Fanfic)

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