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September 2020


 The worst Fallout DLC

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gavin gold

gavin gold

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The worst Fallout DLC - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The worst Fallout DLC   The worst Fallout DLC - Page 2 EmptyMon Aug 10, 2020 12:44 am

@Heisenberg You know, the first time I played Honest Hearts, I could've say it was the worst, maybe a tie with OWB. I didn't like the tribal theme at all, I found Zion to be so tedious to navigate, and most of all, I didn't find a reason to care about what was going on there, because the rewards are trash. But every time I play it, I actually enjoy it a little more and now I actually like it.

What is it about Mothership Zeta that you dislike so much? Because I mostly just found it underwhelming.
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The worst Fallout DLC - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: The worst Fallout DLC   The worst Fallout DLC - Page 2 EmptyMon Aug 10, 2020 6:22 am

@gavin gold Where to start, really? Mothership Zeta is just such a piss poor attempt at DLC that it's a struggle for me to even play through it more than once or twice.

The element I despise most about it is how it sort of screws with the lore in monumentally absurd ways. If I remember correctly, MZ effectively implies that the Great War was started by aliens. Aliens! Haha. No, I'm serious.

It just ruins all suspension of disbelief. It's full of awkward cliches and alien references and it feels like it should've been cut from being DLC in the first place. There's characters you can revive from the cryopods, who seem like they could've been written only slightly better to be actually interesting characters. But no. They're just boring shells of characters that will likely end up becoming goo anyway, either by the aliens or by me having enough of their shit.

It also sort of ruins the Lone Wanderer's story. They don't end up walking off into the sunset or helping the Brotherhood of Steel grow. Instead they just sit in their new comfy UFO with a bunch of nobodies for the rest of their life. No cool epilogue like the Courier, no becoming king of raiders like the Sole Survivor, they just literally end watching Earth from afar.

Every area of the DLC is the same. Just monotonous copy/pasted hallways of absolute agony. There's no interesting map design, no fascinating lore. It's just one of those DLCs you do for the sake of doing it. It's filler.

The worst Fallout DLC - Page 2 Hydrog10
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The worst Fallout DLC

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