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July 2021


 Truly accurate and complete merging tutorial?

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Truly accurate and complete merging tutorial? Empty
PostSubject: Truly accurate and complete merging tutorial?   Truly accurate and complete merging tutorial? EmptyTue Mar 17, 2020 3:49 pm

I'm back at new vegas again. I often get frustrated at the buggy mod limit and give up, but I'm trying again.
Everyone says merging is so simple. The tutorials make it look so damn simple. But none of them are really complete, that I've seen. I follow them, and I get

1 - Broken nav meshes. None of the tutorials or people saying it was easy warned me of this, but it's pretty common.
2 - Scripts aren't firing in merged mods, again none of the tutorials warned of this. It took a while before I even noticed on some mods, so that was hours of play wasted on a broken game.
3 - Merged mods aren't reading their bsa files. Once again, the tutorials I saw didn't warn of this. I found out only after playing for a while, wasting my time with a broken game before I realized it was borked from mods that I'd merged.

People will say "just merge weapon mods," but I'm trying to save as much space as possible, so I'm going ot use a pack like millenias rather than individual mods. I've got mods like script fixes, compatibility patches, and quests and new lands like beyond boulder dome and stuff to improve freeside, open the strip, and add as many quests as I can (I'm done playing the vanilla quests and have zero interest in doing most of them again.)

So... is there a truly complete tutorial that will actually help me? I don't wan to merge three dozen mods, play for hours, and then suddenly see evidence that my game is ruined by a bad merge. I'm hoping there's a solution, because I'm not willing to sink hours into another broken game.
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Truly accurate and complete merging tutorial?

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