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January 2020


 Replacing body types question

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Replacing body types question Empty
PostSubject: Replacing body types question   Replacing body types question EmptyMon Jan 06, 2020 9:45 pm

so the whole thing with type3, type6... etc. body types has always confused me.
I currently have this type 3 body installed

and i love the armors that come with it, but not so much the body itself.
i have come across this mod and it looks way better

as that's also a type 3 body , but I assume if I de-activate the BNB replacer i lose access to those armors.

and if i was to then install the hirez replacer, can i just use any separate armor packs that are based on type3?

and am i correct in saying that i can only have 1 body replaced mod active at any time.

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Replacing body types question

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