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 Skyrim Alternate start stories

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PostSubject: Skyrim Alternate start stories   Skyrim Alternate start stories EmptySat Apr 12, 2014 2:38 pm

In the same spirit as the Courier Alternate Start post, what stories do you give your characters when you start a new play through? I've done this a couple of ways. One is I write out a short back story. Another is I play for an hour, take some screen shots and build the story from there. Usually when a character meets a death (vanilla mob), I kill it off and make another. The last time I did this, It got really dark lol.

So here is the short version:
My character came back to Skyrim. She was a Nord but hadn't lived there since she was a child. She decided to stay at the inn in Whiterun but got in trouble when the she act the food from the table.

"How was I supposed to know the food wasn't included. It was just sitting there."

After working it out with the guard, she noticed an odd green light coming from Farengar's lab. She moved closer to investigate and was pulled into a strange green, magical light. The light turned her into a part elf.

From that point on, Farengar took an interest in her "condition." (In one of the screenshots, he looked really shifty). She woke up in the Bannered Mare days later. Most of the items on her had been sold to pay for the room. She took work around Whiterun so she'd have enough gold to live on. One day, Farengar gave her a task to fetch an item from a bandit cave. When she arrived, the item was sitting on a table unguarded. She snuck into the camp and was about to grab it when the bandits appeared out of thin air. They had used invisibility scrolls on themselves! (Actually was a friend's mod). The bandits captured her, passed her around the camp, then locked her in a cage. A couple days later, she was delivered secretly to Farengar. He spent the next 9 months studying her condition. She died giving birth to her daughter, Verra.

Note: Like I said, it got a little dark. But it led into the next character =)
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Snow Hammer

Snow Hammer

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Skyrim Alternate start stories Empty
PostSubject: Re: Skyrim Alternate start stories   Skyrim Alternate start stories EmptyFri Apr 25, 2014 5:22 pm

This is a very good story xencosti, hopefully we will get to know verra in the next one Very Happy

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Skyrim Alternate start stories

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