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February 2020


 That board game in New California

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That board game in New California Empty
PostSubject: That board game in New California   That board game in New California EmptyMon Nov 04, 2019 12:12 am

So in the vault in New California, two of the characters were playing some kind of robot-war board game. I really like the various games in Fallout 4 and New Vegas and always craved more.
It makes me wonder if some kind of board game is possible in New Vegas or Fallout 4's engine; perhaps using very tiny robot npcs as the "pieces."

While we're here, I have a funny feeling that pool (the game, not the swimming) is theoretically possible. There's already a physics engine, all it needs is a way to apply a reasonable thrusting force to a ball, and some means of scoring. I think.

I can't see any way for an AI player to be implemented though. But barstool games shows off what modding just might be capable of doing in Fallout 4 with additional games. I suspect that if the modders hadn't left the project (I assume they were exhausted so I can't blame them, it looked like a big project), Caravan and poker would have shown up in the game too.

It would probably be a huge amount of work and probably some mysterious, advanced scripting to be able to control the pieces, so this is more of a "is it possible within the limitations of the engines" rather than a "will it actually happen?"
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That board game in New California

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