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 Hello, everyone

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Hello, everyone Empty
PostSubject: Hello, everyone   Hello, everyone EmptyMon Feb 04, 2019 2:10 am

I've always seen mods as something unnecessary, something balance/immersion breaking, that is until I took my time exploring NM recently. I was overwhelmed with how many amazing things can be done with mods, transforming a good for it's time, but underdeveloped and lacking in many ways by modern standards game into something entirely different. After experimenting with hundreds of FoNV mods I took a particular interest into ported resources from other games (HQ textures, animations, sound FX) only to find out there isn't much of it due to legal reasons. Searching for more eventually lead me to this community and I'm glad I found it, quite a collection you have here.

I'm new to using mods, at this point I'm struggling with the very basic stuff: getting familiar with MO2 UI after transitioning from FOMM, trying to figure out how to merge mods in order to reduce my bloated plugin load list, etc. The idea of creating my own mods certainly sounds appealing (I have a few ideas myself!). Hopefully I'll be able to contribute to the community some day as well. Nice to meet you all.
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Hello, everyone Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hello, everyone   Hello, everyone EmptyMon Feb 04, 2019 3:04 am

@zzt -welcome to GUN. You discovered a friendly place that creates/ports mods for our personal use only. If you haven't read these stickie's they will help you get a lay of the place:

This is actually a very laid back place with modders of all levels and some original and excellent mods as well. There is a large group who are into NV in a big way. It is a very well respected game.

As you found for yourself, modders fix the games and also create new content to make them better in every way...usually for free. Make sure you respect their wishes and recognize their wonderful work along the way. Join in and enjoy!

If you need video links to help with MO2 there are some good ones well as merging and managing mods for NV in particular.
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Hello, everyone

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