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February 2020


 [FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue

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[FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue Empty
PostSubject: [FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue   [FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue EmptyMon May 07, 2018 4:16 pm

I merged some weapons first I used FO4edit, but that didn't work, then I used merged plugins; that did work, kinda.

In the screenshot below, the highlighted weapon is from DOOMBased Weapons Merge, which is in my merged weapons plugin. The WH-77 is from the skibadaa weapons merge, and it's also in that merged plugin, and the remaining six are not. However, the damage and DPS stats for all weapons are the same. They do not change regardless of any modification at the work bench.

Load Order

I've looked at "myweaponsmerge.esp" in FO4Edit and the base damage for DEagle is 45 which is the same as the original mod. I've looked at a few others in the list and nothing seems "overly powerful" So I'm at a loss as this issue occurs regardless of where this esp is in the load order. Thank you in advance for any guidance you may offer in solving this "great mystery"

[FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue Fallou10

[FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue Osoksi10
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[FO4] Merged Weapons Mod Issue

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