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September 2021


 New Vegas: What's the Long Game?

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New Vegas:  What's the Long Game? Empty
PostSubject: New Vegas: What's the Long Game?   New Vegas:  What's the Long Game? EmptyThu Apr 12, 2018 4:28 pm

Imagine for a moment a theoretical mod, or even a full sequel of epic proportions. One that, somehow, covers the results of all three main non-independent faction's victories (you pick one upon creating a character.)

What would the sequel be, in a House Victory?
What would the sequel look like with an NCR victory?
What would the sequel look like with a Legion Victory? (Most likely Lanius, as Caesar either died naturally or violently by this point.)

It's controversial as it would involve a change in setting, but I'd like to see House's plan to go to the stars. It was his grand plan and I believed him, he didn't sound like it was a made-up delusion.
We'd go with a 1950/60's black and white era sci fi style sci-fi, to keep some of the theme intact. But something other than just "shoot the zeta" certainly.

An NCR victory will probably make the Mojave a lot more boring. I'm not a fan of resetting all the social progress back to zero with a tunneler invasion, as it undoes all of our hard work with a hand wave. But I am in favor of a civil war in the NCR. History repeats itself, and war never changes, so it's time for them to have a civil war. Maybe Kimball's victory went to his head and he went too far, or maybe the Reno influence clashes with the more Traditional Shady Sands NCR people.

Caesar would obliterate Vegas' economy. I don't see any way it couldn't happen. Vegas is "sin city," the profligate capitol, and he'd end it all. Tourists would flee in droves. There would probably be a lot of starvation in the MOjave, with so many towns needlessly burned to the ground. I'm skeptical that he could even keep the lights on.

Everyone calls Lanius a monster and a brute but he's actually more practical than Caesar, more grounded in the real world rather than distant Hegelian philosophy. Caesar predicts a synthesis, and I bet Lanius would be the one to create that synthesis, not Caesar.

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New Vegas: What's the Long Game?

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