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 A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4)

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A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4) Empty
PostSubject: A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4)   A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4) EmptyWed Sep 06, 2017 1:34 pm

First off, I had to do a clean install of FO4, cos some mod or another was supposedly ctding and I couldn't be bothered to go through all of them. So yeah, big pain in the butt, blah blah blah.

But this post isn't about my whining init?

I shall assume the mod author is a "he". Convenience sake. Not meant to be a gender thing

This here link above, is a supposedly "first time" mod, of an ACR, heavily inspired by COD but scratch built. I'm sure a lot of you guys have already seen and probably downloaded it. But for those of you who haven't...

Holy. F*cking. Shit.

Quick off topicish background on me and weapons in gaming. I like Russian weapons. A lot. And sabres. Nice, heavy calvaryish sabres with not overly curved blades. Not a fan of the ACR. It's an aesthetics thing, sorta. I can be a shallow bustard.

But this mod is amazing. Sure the sound is weird and the animation could be better, but if this is the guy's first mod is pretty damn amazing, since he could've gone with the smg reload, but tweaked it quite a bit. I'm assuming e used it as a starting point. Ejects casings to the left, but f*ck it. If I were to build a weapon mod with what he had I probably would have no animations at all. Oh yes, he has 3rd person anims for gripping the fore grip too. And inspection anims, at least for first person.

And the concepts behind this sh*t. Holeeeeeeee sh*t. It's very CODy, with some sorta prestige stuff unlocked after a certain number of kills, I haven't got there yet, but seems very interesting. And he has a heartbeat sensor attachment. It doesn't actually detect heartbeaty things, and doesn't show what it detects on the sensors screen. What it does detect, is things which formerly had a heartbeat, i.e. corpses. I dunno if it affects containers in general though. Said corpses would be covered in a blue-green cloud thing that can be seen through walls. There's supposedly a sight that can help detect enemies, I think, but I haven't tried that yet.

If you've gone this far, I Guess what I mean to say is, this mod is f*cking amazing, and I really look forward to seeing this mod author's work in the future. Weak ending, I know, but all this was sort of spontaneousy. Hope it's in the right section of the forums!
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A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4) Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4)   A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4) EmptyTue Oct 31, 2017 3:59 am

That looks fucking beautiful.
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A Singing-Praises-About-Another-Dude's-Mod Post (FO4)

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