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May 2022


 A reminder of a dark past I once had.

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A reminder of a dark past I once had. Empty
PostSubject: A reminder of a dark past I once had.   A reminder of a dark past I once had. EmptyWed Aug 23, 2017 2:07 pm

This poem was back at a time when I had very bad depression and smoked a lot, I wanna share it with you guys as I recognize it as a phase of my past and that my pastures are a lot greener than they used to be. Everyone has their flaws but I had many.

A Poem that describes my life

Oh the brave and the few
The daring and proud
The explorers of mankind
One man is one vessel
A vessel of knowledge and power
He who holds the key
But finds himself constantly bored
He tries to find adventure
But to no avail
Oh the brave and the few

Constantly mocked by his peers
He doesn’t belong
He is like red roses to a gray world
A world of the banal
The fruitless kind follows suit
His mom tries to enlighten his path
But his path remains darkened
For he has no brothers nor spirit
He hopes that he may find his brother in arms
And “the one”
But yet those two words keep slipping his fingers
Like bananas to an unsuspecting individual
Oh the brave and few

He desires adventure
But finds only common ground
Ground that is dull
He desires many other things
Desirity is a part of human consciousness
Just like he is part of the 7 billion people on Earth
He wants to find his purpose
But yet continues to wander aimlessly
Friends slipping from his hands
Opportunities lost like Roanoke
He knows nothing
Just what he is capable of
He’s not in it for the money or the fame
He wants solely variety, action, and adventure
Whether he finds it in dreams or video games
As a wise man once said
To live, you must take risks
And living is not sitting
Living is making mistakes
Mistakes that are costly
Endeavours and Curiosity like fire to oil
He has many enemies
He possesses a shield which seems to not come down
Vulnerable from the inside but not from the outside
Just like every living thing
From cells to you
Our world is a brave one
And those who rule, who possess experience, and have seen action
The risk takers are ones who have lived
The wealthy may have money
But the rich don’t possess the capacity for risk
Risk is what rewards people and punishes people
It is life’s judge and jury
And death’s executioner
Like a moth to light
It weaves itself through every human
Like the force in Star Wars
It is a constant reminder
Conquerors, rulers, infamous/famous people and soldiers
All have one thing in common
They are the brave and few

The ones who have walked and graced this earth as we are doing now
But tis an earth to another time
Like peeking into the universe
But this one man finds himself constantly questioning himself
And others
He doesn’t know what to do with all his spare time
So he writes this poem
Like the bored motherfucker he is
Cause he feels like it

He remains ready, vigilant and to be called for action at anytime
He possesses many things this generation does not
Loyalty until death
Compassion for those who cannot give
Strength for those who are not strong enough
Love for his family and whenever that time comes
Stubborn like his ancestors
He has his pros and cons
Just like a review to a product
I remain to be seen as a product of greatness
Or just another human being occupying this increasingly fucked up world
Money isn’t everything
You’ll learn that someday
Some people learn early
Some don’t until they are older
Some never do
Like my father
I hope I find my purpose
I hope I fulfill my dreams
Combat, going to Mars, becoming a doctor
And helping the world one step at a time
But everyone has their low point
Mine just has been very hidden
Like Trump’s intent
I am the brave and few
I am the wicked
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A reminder of a dark past I once had.

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