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 Fallout 3, New vegas, Fallout 4 Triple threat review!

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Fallout 3, New vegas, Fallout 4 Triple threat review! Empty
PostSubject: Fallout 3, New vegas, Fallout 4 Triple threat review!   Fallout 3, New vegas, Fallout 4 Triple threat review! EmptyThu Jun 15, 2017 3:22 am

I've been meaning to do this for a while now. Ever since the release of Nuka world DLC but life in general kept getting in the way.

But with that said let's get this train wreck a Rollin'

And we begin with the most important aspect of any video game... the story

1: The Story

I have to give this point to fallout 3 straight out the bat for a few different reasons. Not only does fallout 3 have a good story but it also has good storytelling (if that makes any sence). Whereas Fallout 4 had a great story it had poor storytelling (son kidnnapped, spouse murdered, go build settlements for the next 6 in game years). Fallout new vegas had great storytelling but the story was lackluster (get shot in the head now go get revenge). But the biggest reason for the bad storytelling in Fallout 4 was in the begining when you learn how to use V.A.T.S. BEFORE you get the pipboy. Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System which needs a pipboy is learned before you get the pipboy... so that.

2: Worldspace

Note that I mean the worldspace itself and not the locations within the worldspace (thatcomes next). For me this one is a tossup between Fallout 3 and 4 because I love urban environments. Whereas I did like New Vegas' worldspace it felt somewhat empty. When I heard Vegas I thought big huge suburban locations and dozens of casinos to explore not 3 half burned out building. I expected more from vegas and was dissapointed. But if I had to choose between Fallout 3 and 4 I would probably lean closer to fallout 3 as I loved the subway tunnels. Each one was a new experience. What will I find this time ,Raiders? Mutants? Ghouls? Giant Roaches? I also felt that Fallout 3 had more thought and effort put into its worldspace than 4 did. that And half of fallout 4 map is covered in water but there are no interesting locations in the water.

3: Locations

This is also a tossup between Fallout 3 and New vegas. The thing about it is that fallout 4 the locations felt.... empty I guess is the best word for it? Not bad just It didn't feel any fun to explore them it was just "oh look another random location I don't care about". I mean in fallout 3 there is a place called minefield that is literally a minefield with a guy trying to kill you, A town full of very nice people that are all cannibals, The Lincoln Memorial. Fallout new vegas had some great locations too, an air force base full of crazy people trying to blow you up, a prison full of convicts, a steel mill. In comparison fallout 4 has a few decent locations but nothing that stands up and shouts "look at me look how awesome I am". As I said before half of fallout 4 map is covered in water but there are no interesting locations within the water areas. Except maybe the submarine but I was expecting an underwater base of some kind and got nothing.

4: Settlements

Alright Fallout 3 wins this one by litterally having a town built around an unexploded bomb! But new vegas has some great settlements but nothing like a town built around a bomb. Fallout 4 doesn't even get a recommendation because it ony had one real settlement that the player doesn't build and it's built around a baseball field. I mean couldn't they expand into the surrounding buildings any? it's not that hard to secure a building and then build a wall preventing street access. but no they would rather be lazy and live in a baseball field. I know that the player can build their own settlements but those don't count because the PLAYER has to build them. I'm not talking about what the player can build but what already is. And Fallout 4 has goodneighbor but it's mostly just outcasts from Diamond city.

5: Weapons

I can't really decide who should get this one so I'll just give it to all three of them. Each Fallout game has something that I like and something that I hate about the weapons.

Fallout 3 has few weapons but they are all usefull. There really isn't any scrambling to find which weapon is the best because they are all almost equally usefull.

Fallout New Vegas has a larger amount of weapons but it has progression to it. You start out with a 20 gauge single barrel shotgun then upgrad to a double barrel then lever action then double barrel 12 gauge then 12 gauge pump before finally getting a 12 gauge semi auto. The mods for the game are well done and balanced and (depending) they are easy to get (sometime they are sometimes not).

Fallout 4 has few weapons but great moddability for these weapons. You can make your 10mm full auto, semi auto, suppressed, scoped, etc.

If I had to choose though It would probably be fallout new vegas. Not because I like the progression (that is one reason though) but because it feels more balanced and I'm not being forced to choose weapons. In fallout 4 the proggression is different but still there, but it's more forced on the player. I like shell based weapons, I don't mind energy wepons but given a choice between the two I would take the shell based. In fallout 4 you basically have to take energy weapons in order to stay ahead of you enemies. In most fallout games I always carry 3 guns.

1: A pistol for backup

2: An assault rifle/shotgun for most basic engagements

3: A sniper rifle for long range targets

In fallout 4 I use an explosive combat shotgun (Because let's face it, it's hard to find anything better). Otherwise I use plasma guns as most shell based guns are useless. When I'm shooting a guy in the head with a .50 rifle and only taking away a quarter of his health with full single fire rifle perks yet with a full auto plasma gun I am doing far more damage faster.

Also on the subject of guns I should talk about uniques. Let's face it fallout 4 only had one unique gun and that was the Deliverer. Everything else was just a legendary weapon with a unique name.

How so I know?

I manged to get my hands on and incendiary minigun (I named it the Burninator). A little while later I got the Ashmaker the "Unique" minigun that did fire damage. The had the exact same stats.



Alright New vegas wins this one hands down for three improtant reasons

1 The companions are actually usefull in combat or otherwise ( got tired of counting how many time Preston missed a target three feet from him)

2 I actually are about them. The each have thier own story that is interesting and makes me care about them (In fallout 4 the feel less like companions and more like they are just there).

3 THEY ARE NOT FORCED ON THE PLAYER! I'm serious. In fallout 4 the first person you meet after getting out of the vault? A Companion. The second person you meet? A companion. The first person you talk to in diamond city? A companion. the game tries its hardest to make the player care about them and fails miserably.

Actually I think you can play through all of New Vegas and never meet a companion.


This is a hard one because Fallout 3 and New Vegas both commit the cardinal video gaming sin of having DLC that continues the main characters story after the game is complete (3 more than new vegas but still), and fallout 4's DLC was crap. So we will do quick individually reviews of each DLC.

Fallout 3

Operation: Anchorage

Short quick but still fun and had a glitch that could get you weapons and armor that wouldn't break down

The Pitt

My favorite of the Fallout 3 DLC's asit was fun, enjoyable, and had a great location and story. The new weapons and armor were nice to.

Broken Steel

This DLC adds new weapons, locations, armor, levels/perks to the world but ultimatly it is going to be condemned to the 47 circle of video gaming hell for being a paid DLC that continues the main story.

Point Lookout

Rednecks and swamps. All you really need to know.

Mothership Zeta

The weakest of the Fallout 3 DLC's but still fun to play.

Fallout New Vegas

Dead Money

A lot of people hated this DLC but I loved it. The feeling of being alone in an environment that was tyring to kill you ALONG with everything else? I liked it.

Honest Hearts

This DLC was big beautiful and was fun to explore.

Old World Blues

This is definitely a favorite of mine as it is funny and has a great story to it.

Lonesome Road

This one was a really good ending to the story of the courier and was fun to explore and travel.

Couriers stash and GRA

I don't count these as one is preorder content and the other is addon content that should be in the game in the first place.

Fallout 4


I actually like this one as it felt well done and was well balenced. A little short but still fun.

Wasteland Workshop

Doesn't count as the content should have been in the game in the first place.

Far Harbor

Good idea poor follow through. Far Harbor also said it was going to be as big as the Shivering Isles from Oblivion. It's not. And if it is it's nowhere near as interesting to explore.

Contraptions Workshop

Same as Wastland Workshop. Content should have been in the game in the first place.

Vault-Tec Workshop

When I heard we could do our own vault experiments I was hoping for stuff like genetic manipulation or cybernetic implants not a guy riding a bike and a coffee coffee.


Or as I like to call it Missed-opportunity. Nuka-world had 2 choices

1 Be an evil raider

2 Miss 85 percent of the DLC's content.

There was no option to bring the minutemen or the brotherhood and have them take over.

8: Mods

Not reviewing these for 3 very improtant reasons

1: I am reviewing these games as-is. Not what they could be but what they are. Each one of these could be great, wonderfull and fantastic, but I am talking about what we were given not what we could have.

2: I play these on console first because I don't have enough money to upgrade my computer every other year. I will eventually when I can get Fallout 4 and all DLC for cheap.

3: The best mods ever the New Vegas bounties series was realeased on New Vegas.

In closing I think that fallout 3 was the best because It had Liam Neeson in it.

The End

Ok fine

Ultimatly I had the most fun with New Vegas and Fallout 3. Fallout 4 was trying to hard to be 3 and felt more like Fallout 3 with mods in it. If I had to describe Fallout 4 in a word it would be "lazy". Not bad just....lazy. Everything fallout 4 did didn't feel complete to me. Like they just stopped working on it halfway though. Everything 4 has done has been done before and done better in different games. I really think that Bethesda is relying on modders to finish their games so they can make less games and it just makes me sad that they are doing that anymore.
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Fallout 3, New vegas, Fallout 4 Triple threat review!

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