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 Fallout 4: A review....sort of

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PostSubject: Fallout 4: A review....sort of   Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:54 am

So I've been playing fallout 4 a lot this week and would like to a reviewish type thing similar to my Fallout 3 vs New Vegas review.

This is a sort of because I havn't beaten the game yet and have only gotten to diamond city recently. And that's not because I havn't been playing it. I'm an explorer, I have to see as much of the map as possible and have explored most of the northern part of the map and some of the east coast. plus this may have some spoilers so read at your own risk.


So whithout further adiu.. let's get this train wreck a rollin.

1 Graphics.

I really don't know what everyone was complaining about when they said that the graphics looked bad. If you compare them to fallout 3 and new vegas it looks great. Deathclaws look scary, it rains, it radstorms, ghouls look more like peolpe with no skin than people with a really badskin condition (so I can't really say if that's good or bad) other things. Some people may be comparing it to other new games with different engines, or are used to completely modding their game until skyrim looks like fallout with dragons.

2 Story.

I gotta say the story definitaly has grabbed me and is holding on tight. That said I called the fact the main character was going to be cryogenically frozen. It was the only thing that made sense other than time travel or super drugs. But I mean come on... THEY KILLED MY WIFE!!!

gonna have to shoot somebody

a lot


with bullets

or fire

whatevers handy at the time

3 Gameplay.

Gameplay is good and certainly enjoyable. A few new features that are included are base management, powered power armor, A LOT OF WEAPON seriously alot of it, but armor modding as well!

But other than that it still plays a lot like new vegas. Only smoother.

4 Worldspace.

Gotta say from what I've seen I like the mix of urban environment with wasteland, plenty of locations that are intruging in many ways, and fun to explore! I like the urban locations because like many I enjoy seeing decaying buildings around me as I explore what remains of human civilization.

5 Locations and cities/settlements

Some of the locations in the wastlands are interesting in there own right. Even with a few throwbacks to fallout 3! Although bringing some of fallout 3 into 4 is both enjoyable and annoying. People who played fallout 3 will recognize some locations and people but with little explanation as to why they are in Boston.


Every five bloody minutes "Help we need you to go kill raiders, or ghouls, or something else whine whine whine"

I swear I am going to make a save and just kill everyone in that stupid settlement just to make myself feel better.

I really don't spend a lot of time developing a settlement unless it already has people living in it than I build up some food and defences and other things they might need, But sanctuary can screw off for all i care at this point.

6 Weaponry.

Both good and bad points here. What I mean by that, In fallout 3 you had a few weapons but they were all usefull at somepoint or another. In fallout 4 once you get better weapons all your old guns immediately go to crap and cease to be usefull. Once I got a full auto pipe rifle I never used the 10mm again because of many reasons. Innaccurate, low clip size, poor damage, etc. Yes I could mod it but even then I found it useless.

Personaly I don't like the looks of some of the guns either. The combat rigle and combat shotgun look near identicle (as I wrote this sentance I realized they were supposed to but still) The Assault Rifle looks like something out of the civil war. The only way to get a .50 Sniper Rifle is to find one or craft one from an existing hunting rifle.



Do I understand why they did it?


Do I like the way they did it?


A slightly wider variety of guns in the game would have been better in my opinion rather than haveing a few with different mods available. Another type of assault rifle, a 10mm smg, one or two others. I think it would have been better.

7 Armor.

This is another thing that annoys me. Unlike other fallout games that have armor fallout 4 hase armor pieces that are worn over your clothes. Except power armor but more on that later. Whereas I understand this once again I find it annoying. Not game breaking. Annoying. I would have prefered full armor in comparison to just armor pieces over clothes but I can live with it if necessary.

Now on to power armor.

I both like and hate the power armor in the game. It looks great, works great, comes in many types, can be painted different colors. But for every good thing I say it can it can also be bad. Power armor is powered so if you don't have a fusion core it's useless, it is hard to find all the parts sometimes (At time of writing I have 18 suits of power armor, 2 full t45, 1 full t51, 1 full t60 and 1 X0 that is missing the head. Every other armor is missing parts to complete a full set. I NEED T-45 RIGHT ARMS) I actually broke down laughing when I realized I couldn't get more full suits because I just needed right arms. Colors also add a bonus to the suit and are not cosmetic, this is both annoying and interesting as I can't have it winterized and then have increased explosive resistance put on them.

Overall and closing statements.

Baring a few mishaps here and there and a few annoying bits fallout 4 in my opinion is a good game with neat locations, enemies, and some neat weapons. Although I do have a few problems with it including the fact that I don't hink deathclaws are all that deadly.

I mean it.

In fallout 3 and new vegas deathclaws would jump at you and would always hit you and hit hard. In fallout 4 they move faster, better, adn generally look a heck of a lot more deadly, but if you just keep running backwords you're fine. I'm serious. I've killed a dozen deathclaws and the only time I have trouble is when I'm in a small area otherwise I just keep back peddling and shooting.

All in all I do think that Fallout 4 is a good game and I look forward to seeing what the future holds for it.

Now imma go nuke sanctuary.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4: A review....sort of   Wed Dec 02, 2015 7:47 am

Hope that I didn't intrude your topic as I feel it's unnecessary to create another topic, anyway, here's my thoughts on F4:

**Spoilesr ahead**

- It's fine.

*Crafting system
- The new crafting system is definitely a significant improvement over the last 2 Fallout games. I love to put new attachments onto my new found and new favorite guns. HOWEVER, it is quite limited. Why? Well there are only one or two kind of "best" attachments for the gun in late game, or when you've already got Gun Nut maxed out, which makes the other attachments obsolete, why make the inferior ones when there's always this better one? This also applies for armor. Melee got even less attention.
- I wish they would have included more attachment variations for the late game. I also kinda wished there were options to craft makeshift/homemade weapons, seeing as it'd fit and makes perfect sense with a game like Fallout.

- The Settlement system is fantastic as well. It's a welcome addition to Fallout. And I bet they got this idea from Fallout 1 or 2 where the protagonist in Fallout 1  built a popular and thriving settlement at the end instead of from mods. Though the implementation coulda been a bit... better.
- The most annoying part out of this feature is that auto snapping, or maybe the clipping issue. The auto snapping is absolutely horrible and always auto snap itself even when you are not pointing directly at it. This makes building wall frustrating and time consuming because it won't snap to the edge of the floor or whatever but instead next to the other wall, this could have been easily fixed by providing an option for the players to turn off auto snap or makes it a bit more accurate and precise before the objects auto-snap, I don't want it to snap to that when I'm obviously pointing at something else.
- The clipping. You guys noticed the Fence category in Structure? Particularly Junk Fence? Yeah? Well it's absolutely useless. What kind of fence building can you do when the game won't let you build them right next to each other EVEN when there is not a single clipping? And even if you decided to ignore that and go with it, don't tell me you can accept fences with a big ass crack/hole in between them.
- The varieties. For a game like Fallout, you'd think that there are a lot of assets that should be usable in Construction mode. But nope. The variations are quite limited, if not extremely. Man, I wanna build some sand bags, oh wait, it isn't in there? Crap. What about some cover? Can I build something that my Settlers can take cover when they are under attacked? No? Crap. The Guard Post is horrible. I've never seen my Settlers take cover behind them in a crouch position. They either just stand there at one place and eventually run away from it, or run away from it right then and there to somewhere else, yeah, as if that'd help. Needless to say, there's no option to set patrol route for them neither.

- The Minutemen: The good guy of the post apocalyptic Wasteland. However the only ever major quest of them is re-taking the Castle. Otherwise the rest of the quests you are ever going to get from them are misc quests killing ghouls or raiders. And eventually if you decided to go the Pro-Minutemen route, you get to be their General. But guess what? You can't do anything at all. This is Skyrim all over again. Cool I'm the General? Can I get the status of my men? Outfit them? Send them to help settlements in place of me? Can I officially declare wars to other factions as a representative of the Minutemen and sends my troops to battle them in an all out war? What do you  mean no? I'm the General god dammit. Can I command them at all?

- The BoS: I'm not going to comment on the BoS because I have not joined them yet and I don't intend to in my first playthrough since I've already completely obliterated them.

- The Institute: The spooky and shadowy organization of the Commonwealth. They actually have quite a few interesting quests and such, but not as many quests as I've wanted. If you decided to stay with the Institute and your son (That is heavily influenced by them and won't be able to change no matter what option you choose, if there is any option to change him at all), you eventually gains the position of Directorate, in place of your son for a particular reason. And as said above, no power, whatsoever. Except maybe that one time in the main quest line where you get to decide which tech they should focus their research resources on next. And that's it. C'mon Bethesda. This is kinda our fault too if it's anything, I've not see one major and noticeable feedback at all from anyone that tells them about this since Skyrim. It seems people just excuse them automatically.

- The Railroad: the main opposition of the Institute. Three words: So after you have your little awkward meet up with their leader and this bald weird guy that you might have seen randomly in Settlements wearing a sung glasses but named as a Resident (you can't kill him since he's marked as essential). And based on your reputation in the Commonwealth he's going to say things about you, which is cool. I like it when my position is acknowledged. BUT, then, you start to have this series of boring and endless quests from Desdemona and the rest of the other leaders that is repetitive as hell. Seriously? Randolph Safehouse 1? Randolph Safehouse 6? Install this here? Install that same thing again at a different location? Kill this Courser here? Kill that Courser there? Rescue this kidnapped Synth here? There? I felt that Tinker Tom coulda been a potentially cool character, had they gave him more character development. You always hear about people in the Railroad talks about him cooking up something new, but his shop is just a normal shop with this Railroad Stealthboy, his special gun which is a modified and modded Hunting Rifle, and later on, Armored clothings after DIA package retrieval. You'd think that he coulda sell more cooler stuff, tech that you couldn't find else where in the wasteland. This is a potential loss and I was really disappointed. Not to mention that there are no character/relationship development even with any of them after the first 2 or 3 quests.

- The Gunners: Raiders in uniforms. How is this even considered an interesting faction is beyond me.

- This, as well, is a great improvement over their last game *cough* Skyrim *cough*, where companions aren't generic and use the same damn line of dialogue but in different voice with you anymore. But honestly, New Vegas has already done this, a year before TES V Skyirm's relesae, Bethesda.Companions are great, each have their own preferences, personalities, and back story. But sometimes, they are just wayyyyyy to nitpicky. I mean come on seriously you are living in a post apocalypse world, why the hell do you hate me for using intimidating dialogues against evil characters? Or steal from them? They're EVILLLLLLLL. E.V.I.L. I love Curie though. She's cute. Cuteness overloaded.

And I'm not even going into details with the way they block your way here. That's been mentioned a lot already.

- This I doubt even the modders can fix. What. the. hell. happened. Bethesda? Where did the brilliant and outcome-determining speech checks go? [Medicine 100]? [Barter 100]? [Science 100]? Those were fucking awesome and rewarding, when you have your character as this specific guy with these specific skill sets and you can actually utilizes it in dialogues to lean the outcomes to your favor? Hell yeah. Wait, they're not in Fallout 4? (it's an actual website).

The dialogue wheel is too damn limited. Always 4 options. Why have they done this? It didn't need fixing. It was fine the way it was. Give me more dialogue options. This is what it is all about, right? Making your own character? Role play? Why is it so limited? [Intelligence 10]Why can't I be a smart guy? [Barter 100] Why can't I be an expert tradesman? [Strength 10] Why can't I be an athlete/brute? Or [Intelligence 1]why can't I be dumb as shit?

=> Conclusion: [Speech 100]This is such a huge disappointment, Bethesda.

- Gameplay is fine. First person shooting is definitely wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than 3 and NV no argument from me there. Though the third person recticle could seriously use some fix. If you play 3rd person and aim (right click) and shoot, the bullets are likely to go a different direction, this only applies in certain situations such as close range combat or medium range.

- Quite predictable if I may say so myself. It also seems to borrowed a few elements from FNV here. *Cough* a guy who left you for dead and you seek vengeance against him *cough*. Aside from that, the story missions are short. There aren't many of them. Trust me. It's just the amount of misc quests distracting you, and even then, it's just.. not enough interesting quests to keep me going for long. It's too short that's it's not satisfying enough for me. Me want more. Otherwise, the plot is eh. I don't know what I was expecting before but not this.

- I gotta say I hate how they remove the other side endings from the old Fallout. You see, you get these endings from side quests you've done and companions' quests in the other Fallout, but now? Nope. Oh you want to know what became of him later on in his future (that isn't shown in the game) because of your decisions? Too bad. Make it up yourself. This is absolutely annoying, especially for me I guess.

- True there are many types of weapons. But as you go on, lots of weapons become obsolete and in the end you only use the good guns that are viable for late game enemies. I always find myself wondering between should I use the Rail gun for its power (but looks horribly big) or the Assault Rifle for automatic capabilities. Of course there's the plasma weapons that are powerful as well. And at times, you'll find weapons like a heaviliy modified .50 cal hunting rifle absolutely ridiculous. Shoot it at a guy's head. He only lost over 1/3 his health. Wut? He's not even legendary. Bruh. I was hoping there were more, including ones from the old Fallout. Guess I'll just wait for the mods. *Sigh*

- I don't know about you. But I find the lack of interesting NPCs... disturbing. Comparing to New Vegas, the amount of memorial characters are too few. I can remember tonsssssssss of NPCs from New Vegas. But not this game. Why? (This is of course, excluded of the companions) There's Dr.Madison Li, but she's only interesting because we all knew she's from Fallout 3 as well and she hated and got annoyed by that old guy who keeps running his mouth about his lost android and now she's in the Institute? Ironic. That dude selling swatters was cool, I guess. Oh, right, there's that guy who makes toys even after he's turned to a Ghoul and everything he's done it for has gone to hell. Kep in mind this is my personal opinion, as I do not find that many interesting characters.

*Character creation
- A welcome addition with sculpting and all that stuff, if only I was more creative. But I'd certainly appreciated more hairstyles. Why is there not a single long hair style for women? Or Asian type hairs for men?

- The layered armor system was sadly not fully utilized in this game, as there are too many few "armors" or should I say clothings, that can be used with the layered armors. Though the idea is cool.

My score for this game is a 7.5/10, for a game that has been in development for 4 years and it got rid of many of the features I loved in a Fallout game. Maybe this is more of a criticization than a review but that's all I got time for now.

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4: A review....sort of   Sun Dec 13, 2015 10:36 am

I am enjoying Fallout 4. However, to me it just feels more like a FPS than a FPS/RPG like the previous games were. I don't care for the new perk system and how there are no longer very many persuasion options. It feels like many of the awesome features that were in Fallout 3 and NV are gone. The game is just too mainstream now.
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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4: A review....sort of   Sun Dec 13, 2015 11:17 am

i just think it needs more guns or options like an acog thats not a bloody sniper scope or well the gun from the video with the paras its a bloody gali like a gun that really dose exsit not some made up gun like the combat rifle

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PostSubject: Re: Fallout 4: A review....sort of   

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Fallout 4: A review....sort of

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