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 Question about we are legion

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Question about we are legion Empty
PostSubject: Question about we are legion   Question about we are legion EmptyThu Dec 15, 2022 2:48 pm

So first thanks for helping on my first thread you guys gave me really good advice for mods second looking for a mod that has a really salt-upon-wound custom armor that i love i know its a dragbody mod but the only one i can find is we are legion not ryse of the legion, so we are legion also has this armor? if not someone can tell me where i can get it? or just the armor? i really want it for a tribal playthrough im planing after the one im doing thanks also any cool energy weapons and armor lore friendly mods for a gecky character?

a little edit just want to say how helpfull have you all been my current FNV look so freaking good haha any tips how to make it even better im all ears

Question about we are legion Screen10
Question about we are legion Screen11
Question about we are legion Screen12
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Question about we are legion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Question about we are legion   Question about we are legion EmptyTue Dec 27, 2022 1:10 am

Off topic but what mods are you running in those pictures? the game looks so good

Forgot my username for my old profile, lmao
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Posts : 9
Join date : 2020-11-02
Age : 32
Location : Mexico

Character sheet
Name: Character

Question about we are legion Empty
PostSubject: Re: Question about we are legion   Question about we are legion EmptySun Jan 01, 2023 5:04 pm

PirateNinja wrote:
Off topic but what mods are you running in those pictures? the game looks so good

hi there to be honest im a noob in modding seriusly the vast majority of my fallout are graphical updates and the rudy ENB heres a list i use the fnv collections for many of this so check that part except for the textures i use NMM large texture packs

[Mod] Gophers-Stable-New-Vegas-12922-7-1652267284 [Filename] Gophers-Stable-New-Vegas-12922-7-1652267284.7z [state] installed
[Mod] 4GB Patcher-62552-1-5-1618787921 [Filename] 4GB Patcher-62552-1-5-1618787921.7z [state] installed
[Mod] JG NVSE-66927-4-93-1670006465 [Filename] JG [state] installed
[Mod] Stewie Tweaks-66347-8-55-1672245772 [Filename] Stewie [state] installed
[Mod] nvse_6_2_9 [Filename] nvse_6_2_9.7z [state] installed
[Mod] JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-56-56-1650656711 [Filename] JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-56-56-1650656711.7z [state] installed
[Mod] NVTF-66537-10a-1664831482 [Filename] [state] installed
[Mod] Stewie Tweaks INI-66347-2-1-1562243757 [Filename] Stewie Tweaks [state] installed
[Mod] YUP - Base Game and All DLC-51664-12-6-1672072862 [Filename] YUP - Base Game and All DLC-51664-12-6-1672072862.7z [state] installed
[Mod] MLF-68714-3-0-1652987496 [Filename] [state] installed
[Mod] Unofficial Patch NVSE Plus-71239-1-4-2-1670695598 [Filename] Unofficial Patch NVSE [state] installed
[Mod] Essentials--Plugins-70354-24-1671167821 [Filename] Essentials--Plugins-70354-24-1671167821.7z [state] installed
[Mod] yUI-74357-1-4d-1646655873 [Filename] yUI-74357-1-4d-1646655873.7z [state] installed
[Mod] UIO - User Interface Organizer-57174-2-30-1629600625 [Filename] UIO - User Interface Organizer-57174-2-30-1629600625.7z [state] installed
[Mod] ySI - Sorting Icons-74358-1-4b-1648916180 [Filename] ySI - Sorting Icons-74358-1-4b-1648916180.7z [state] installed
[Mod] The Mod Configuration Menu-42507-1-5 [Filename] The Mod Configuration Menu-42507-1-5.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Supplemental Ammo Crafting NV-76175-1-1-1662805868 [Filename] Supplemental Ammo Crafting NV-76175-1-1-1662805868.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Strip Performance Fix-78617-1-0-1665515579 [Filename] Strip Performance Fix-78617-1-0-1665515579.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Smooth Backward Running-78484-1-0-1664277489 [Filename] Smooth Backward Running-78484-1-0-1664277489.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul-71390-1-2-1645557078 [Filename] Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul-71390-1-2-1645557078.7z [state] installed
[Mod] ShowOff NVSE-72541-1-51-1667953794 [Filename] ShowOff NVSE-72541-1-51-1667953794.7z [state] installed
[Mod] ShowOff INI-72541-1-1650847630 [Filename] ShowOff INI-72541-1-1650847630.7z [state] installed
[Mod] ROOGNVSE-77415-3-3-2-1657263822 [Filename] ROOGNVSE-77415-3-3-2-1657263822.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Pip Boy Shading Fix-77957-1-0a-1660501387 [Filename] Pip Boy Shading Fix-77957-1-0a-1660501387.7z [state] installed
[Mod] NVAC - New Vegas Anti Crash-53635-7-5-1-0 [Filename] NVAC - New Vegas Anti [state] installed
[Mod] NVCS Vanilla Weights-68776-12-1617225723 [Filename] NVCS Vanilla [state] installed
[Mod] MoonlightNVSE-77683-1-4-1666620434 [Filename] [state] installed
[Mod] MCM BugFix 2-42507- [Filename] MCM BugFix 2-42507-.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Main and Pause Menus Overhaul-74365-4-4-1662921738 [Filename] Main and Pause Menus Overhaul-74365-4-4-1662921738.7z [state] installed
[Mod] kNVSE-71336-20-1632181674 [Filename] kNVSE-71336-20-1632181674.7z [state] installed
[Mod] JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless-75920-1-2-1648550774 [Filename] JIP Improved Recipe Menu ESPless-75920-1-2-1648550774.7z [state] installed
[Mod] ISControl ESPless FULL-75417-1-4-1659839349 [Filename] ISControl ESPless FULL-75417-1-4-1659839349.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Improved LOD noise Texture-46451-V1-00 [Filename] Improved LOD noise Texture-46451-V1-00.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Improved Lighting Shaders Preconfigured-77455-1-0-0-1657579562 [Filename] Improved Lighting Shaders Preconfigured-77455-1-0-0-1657579562.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Improved Console-70801-1-6-1632234096 [Filename] Improved Console-70801-1-6-1632234096.7z [state] installed
[Mod] High Resolution Water Fog-78400-1-0a-1663426682 [Filename] High Resolution Water [state] installed
[Mod] High Resolution Screens-77989-1-1-1660681437 [Filename] High Resolution [state] installed
[Mod] High Resolution Bloom-77933-3-1666952770 [Filename] High Resolution [state] installed
[Mod] High Res Local Maps-77963-1-2-1661794525 [Filename] High Res Local Maps-77963-1-2-1661794525.7z [state] installed
[Mod] FOV Slider-55085-2-9-1586064165 [Filename] FOV Slider-55085-2-9-1586064165.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Follower Tweaks-62180-1-0 [Filename] Follower [state] installed
[Mod] FNV Diagnostics-70364-1-5-4-1655488208 [Filename] FNV Diagnostics-70364-1-5-4-1655488208.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Elijah Voice Files Fix-73526-0-1-1630530027 [Filename] Elijah Voice Files Fix-73526-0-1-1630530027.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Crash Logger-72317-3-0-0-1621016750 [Filename] Crash [state] installed
[Mod] Console Paste-65906-1-0-1546350722 [Filename] Console [state] installed
[Mod] B42 Inertia V1.2-64335-1-2-1615691254 [Filename] B42 Inertia [state] installed
[Mod] AnhNVSE v1.2.3-74012-v1-2-3-1659146402 [Filename] AnhNVSE v1.2.3-74012-v1-2-3-1659146402.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Pip-Boy Light Flicker Fix-78954-1-1-1668092370 [Filename] Pip-Boy Light Flicker [state] installed
[Mod] Longer Weather Transitions-77205-1-0-1656186140 [Filename] Longer Weather [state] installed
[Mod] SUP NVSE Plugin-73160-8-30-1671737080 [Filename] SUP NVSE Plugin-73160-8-30-1671737080.rar [state] installed
[Mod] A Little More Lamplight-69226-1-2-1594706760 [Filename] A Little More [state] installed
[Mod] Climate Control NVSE-77205-1-0-1656185991 [Filename] Climate Control [state] installed
[Mod] Purchase Items on Display-78873-1-1-1668736704 [Filename] Purchase Items on [state] installed
[Mod] Strip Street Light Corrections-78906-1-0-0-1667713869 [Filename] Strip Street Light Corrections-78906-1-0-0-1667713869.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Better Character Creation-70973-1-8-1635620567 [Filename] Better Character Creation-70973-1-8-1635620567.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Food Effect Tweaks-75103-1-0-0-1642942309 [Filename] Food Effect Tweaks-75103-1-0-0-1642942309.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned-77672-1-1-1658954471 [Filename] Vanilla Iron Sights Realligned-77672-1-1-1658954471.7z [state] installed
[Mod] INI Config - Gun Runners' Arsenal Merged-62941-3-0-3-1666977884 [Filename] INI Config - Gun Runners' Arsenal Merged-62941-3-0-3-1666977884.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Mojave Arsenal-62941-3-0-8-1670066854 [Filename] Mojave Arsenal-62941-3-0-8-1670066854.7z [state] installed
[Mod] 1. Consistent Pip-boy Icons-65046-4-4-1659349331 [Filename] 1. Consistent Pip-boy Icons-65046-4-4-1659349331.7z [state] installed
[Mod] 2. Consistent Addon Icons-65046-4-2-1652355224 [Filename] 2. Consistent Addon [state] installed
[Mod] Clean Companion Wheel 512x512 Edition-70486-0-9-1606395965 [Filename] Clean Companion Wheel 512x512 Edition-70486-0-9-1606395965.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Landscape Disposition Fix-73937-0-4-8-1668008026 [Filename] Landscape Disposition Fix-73937-0-4-8-1668008026.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod-65052-1-3-1658869646 [Filename] Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod-65052-1-3-1658869646.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Realtime Weapon Modding System-61941-1-0b-1557920988 [Filename] Realtime Weapon Modding System-61941-1-0b-1557920988.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Sound Extender-78637-1-0-1665677845 [Filename] Sound [state] installed
[Mod] Vanilla UI Plus Patch-65046-4-1630588242 [Filename] Vanilla UI Plus [state] installed
[Mod] Bullet Impact LOD Increased ESPLESS-78789-69-1666852794 [Filename] Bullet Impact LOD Increased ESPLESS-78789-69-1666852794.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Consistent Spreadv1.1-77974-1-1-1660928519 [Filename] Consistent [state] installed
[Mod] Diagonal Movement 0.6b-64333-0-6b-1655024628 [Filename] Diagonal Movement [state] installed
[Mod] Essential DLC Enhancements-73803-1-3-2-1670870253 [Filename] Essential DLC Enhancements-73803-1-3-2-1670870253.7z [state] installed
[Mod] JBT Improved 1.01-78324-1-01-1663184638 [Filename] JBT Improved [state] installed
[Mod] Just Assorted Mods-66666-4-4-1648916021 [Filename] Just Assorted Mods-66666-4-4-1648916021.7z [state] installed
[Mod] New Sprint animations for JAM-74839-1-00-1640604241 [Filename] New Sprint animations for [state] installed
[Mod] NPCs Sprint In Combat-68179-2-13-1623455074 [Filename] NPCs Sprint In Combat-68179-2-13-1623455074.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Ragdolls-59147-5-3-9--1606565785 [Filename] Ragdolls-59147-5-3-9--1606565785.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Simple 3rd Person Camera Improvements-72235-1-2-1641479976 [Filename] Simple 3rd Person Camera Improvements-72235-1-2-1641479976.7z [state] installed
[Mod] True Condition-78796-1-0-1666917320 [Filename] True [state] installed
[Mod] JIP Localized DT Fix-76330-1-1651088054 [Filename] JIP Localized DT Fix-76330-1-1651088054.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Couriers Stash Pre-order pack selector vp5-44171-0-5 [Filename] Couriers Stash Pre-order pack selector [state] installed
[Mod] Delay DLC Redux-75851-1-5-1658971738 [Filename] Delay DLC Redux-75851-1-5-1658971738.rar [state] installed
[Mod] SIDE-75746-2-01-1669021642 [Filename] SIDE-75746-2-01-1669021642.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Ogg Vorbis Libraries-61265-6-1624186094 [Filename] Ogg Vorbis Libraries-61265-6-1624186094.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Vanilla_UI_Plus_New_Vegas_947 [Filename] Vanilla_UI_Plus_New_Vegas_947.7z [state] installed
[Mod] HUD Only Explosion Shake-75064-1-0-1642614971 [Filename] HUD Only Explosion Shake-75064-1-0-1642614971.7z [state] installed
[Mod] No More Explosions Blindness (Script Runner)-73572-1-2-1644629208 [Filename] No More Explosions Blindness (Script Runner)-73572-1-2-1644629208.7z [state] installed
[Mod] AwesomeStaggering-77543-1-5-1663687318 [Filename] [state] installed
[Mod] BetterStandUp-76443-1-1-1662428384 [Filename] [state] installed
[Mod] WaterWalkFootstepSoundFix JIP Script-76398-1-1651685267 [Filename] WaterWalkFootstepSoundFix JIP [state] installed
[Mod] Immersive Pickup Sounds Patched-70552-1-0-1607145298 [Filename] Immersive Pickup Sounds Patched-70552-1-0-1607145298.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Aim Down Sites - Backpack - Jump Impact sound Effects-75334-1-0-1644622613 [Filename] Aim Down Sites - Backpack - Jump Impact sound [state] installed
[Mod] JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-56-78-1670618112 [Filename] JIP LN NVSE Plugin-58277-56-78-1670618112.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Heat Haze-76286-1-1-0-1656186271 [Filename] Heat [state] installed
[Mod] FNV ReShade Helper-79261-1-0-1-1670936574 [Filename] FNV ReShade [state] installed
[Mod] Cloud Shadows-79147-1-0-1669856182 [Filename] Cloud [state] installed
[Mod] Simple Cursor (BIG)-78340-0-1-1662854541 [Filename] Simple Cursor (BIG) [state] installed
[Mod] Desert Natural Weathers NV-75437-5-9-9-1672043031 [Filename] Desert Natural Weathers NV-75437-5-9-9-1672043031.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Crosshair Aligned with Gun-79290-1-0-1670891412 [Filename] Crosshair Aligned with Gun-79290-1-0-1670891412.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Unfriendlier Persuasions Redux v1.2-79145-1-2-1669915555 [Filename] Unfriendlier Persuasions Redux [state] installed
[Mod] 1c. PSRO Peripheral Depth Blur - No ESP-71781-1-2-31-1634087804 [Filename] 1c. PSRO Peripheral Depth Blur - No ESP-71781-1-2-31-1634087804.7z [state] installed
[Mod] 1a. PSRO - Peripheral Scope Reticle Overhaul-71781-2-0-1639107646 [Filename] 1a. PSRO - Peripheral Scope Reticle Overhaul-71781-2-0-1639107646.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Empty Clicks-68941-2-0-1590708239 [Filename] Empty [state] installed
[Mod] One More Dynamic Camera-69089-1-2d-1614382814 [Filename] One More Dynamic [state] installed
[Mod] Project Reality Footsteps FNV v2.1-68430-2-1-1583700554 [Filename] Project Reality Footsteps FNV [state] installed
[Mod] Realistic Equip Sounds-49745-1-4 [Filename] Realistic Equip Sounds-49745-1-4.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Viewmodel Recoil 0.308-71852-0-308-1621847906 [Filename] Viewmodel Recoil [state] installed
[Mod] AnniAnimPack_BugFix 1.3-72320-1-3-1621469381 [Filename] AnniAnimPack_BugFix 1.3-72320-1-3-1621469381.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Anniversary Anim Pack-70158-1-9d-1658961335 [Filename] Anniversary Anim Pack-70158-1-9d-1658961335.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Bonus Patch-72320-1-3a-1623348069 [Filename] Bonus Patch-72320-1-3a-1623348069.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Fast Weapon Lag Fix-71973-1-0-1617537597 [Filename] Fast Weapon Lag [state] installed
[Mod] Real Recoil v1.2.1-62153-1-2-1 [Filename] Real Recoil v1.2.1-62153-1-2-1.7z [state] installed
[Mod] AIO Tweaks-77396-1-1670993603 [Filename] AIO [state] installed
[Mod] DN Weather - DLC Enhancement Patch-78764-69-1666585185 [Filename] DN Weather - DLC Enhancement Patch-78764-69-1666585185.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Ragdoll - Essential DLC enhancement patch-78766-69-1666604181 [Filename] Ragdoll - Essential DLC enhancement patch-78766-69-1666604181.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Lonesome Road Fix-78087-1-0-1661204515 [Filename] Lonesome Road Fix-78087-1-0-1661204515.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Color Inventory Ycons-78674-1-0-1666007615 [Filename] Color Inventory Ycons-78674-1-0-1666007615.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Clean Colorful Map Icons-78509-1-0-1664633525 [Filename] Clean Colorful Map Icons-78509-1-0-1664633525.7z [state] installed
[Mod] No Muzzle Flash Lights-77781-2-0-1659534450 [Filename] No Muzzle Flash Lights-77781-2-0-1659534450.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Color Version-66186-1-0-1545005417 [Filename] Color Version-66186-1-0-1545005417.rar [state] installed
[Mod] No Pipboy in Power Armor-66916-4-03-1645889806 [Filename] No Pipboy in Power [state] installed
[Mod] Feral Ghoul Armor and Outfit Pack-75854-1-0-1648214342 [Filename] Feral Ghoul Armor and Outfit [state] installed
[Mod] Blended Locomotion-79295-1-0-1670952469 [Filename] Blended Locomotion-79295-1-0-1670952469.rar [state] installed
[Mod] AWSOME-77723-1-0-1659247693 [Filename] AWSOME-77723-1-0-1659247693.7z [state] installed
[Mod] AWSOME Plugin-77723-1-0-1659247766 [Filename] AWSOME Plugin-77723-1-0-1659247766.7z [state] installed
[Mod] The-Someguy2000-Series-8242-1-1648970417 [Filename] The-Someguy2000-Series-8242-1-1648970417.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Someguy Series 2 dot 0-48925-2-0 [Filename] Someguy Series 2 dot 0-48925-2-0.rar [state] installed
[Mod] NVBI Version 1 dot 55-37310-1-55 [Filename] NVBI Version 1 dot 55-37310-1-55.rar [state] installed
[Mod] NVBII Version 1 dot 47-41184-1-47 [Filename] NVBII Version 1 dot 47-41184-1-47.rar [state] installed
[Mod] NVBIII Version .954 FULL-55744--954 [Filename] NVBIII Version .954 FULL-55744--954.rar [state] installed
[Mod] NVK Version 1.0-56408-1-0 [Filename] NVK Version 1.0-56408-1-0.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Russell Version 1.17-50107-1-17 [Filename] Russell Version 1.17-50107-1-17.rar [state] installed
[Mod] The Inheritance Version 1 dot 29-49012-1-29 [Filename] The Inheritance Version 1 dot 29-49012-1-29.rar [state] installed
[Mod] KOTR Version 1 dot 04-56353-1-04 [Filename] KOTR Version 1 dot 04-56353-1-04.rar [state] installed
[Mod] The Better Angels 1.01-60837-1-01 [Filename] The Better Angels 1.01-60837-1-01.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Checkpoint Gary 1.15 FULL-60877-1-15 [Filename] Checkpoint Gary 1.15 FULL-60877-1-15.rar [state] installed
[Mod] The Someguy Series Revamped-73696-1-1-6-1633379668 [Filename] The Someguy Series Revamped-73696-1-1-6-1633379668.rar [state] installed
[Mod] Someguy Series Ambient Noise-62567-1-0 [Filename] Someguy Series Ambient Noise-62567-1-0.rar [state] installed
[Mod] WAP Year One and Bonus - Scripted - 1.3 udpate-78140-1-3-1662831915 [Filename] WAP Year One and Bonus - Scripted - 1.3 udpate-78140-1-3-1662831915.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Hit's Anims - Season 1 - Cowbow Addon-73856-1-0-1646921762 [Filename] Hit's Anims - Season 1 - Cowbow Addon-73856-1-0-1646921762.7z [state] installed
[Mod] WAP Year One and Bonus - Scripted-78140-1-4-1664742089 [Filename] WAP Year One and Bonus - Scripted-78140-1-4-1664742089.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Hit's Anims - Season 1-73856-1-4-1651774869 [Filename] Hit's Anims - Season 1-73856-1-4-1651774869.7z [state] installed
[Mod] Hit's Anims - Season 2-75208-1-2-1649761884 [Filename] Hit's Anims - Season 2-75208-1-2-1649761884.7z [state] installed
[Mod] bzFO3MalesV1dot6d-4719 [Filename] bzFO3MalesV1dot6d-4719.7z [state] installed

also the someguy serius becouse i love them hope this help you mod your new vegas oh also all of dragbodys mods too
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Question about we are legion

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