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 Load order help

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Load order help Empty
PostSubject: Load order help   Load order help EmptySun Sep 25, 2022 9:44 pm

Hey guy's im having a bit of trouble with my load order and honestly i always have when it comes to Beth games well in this case im doing a playthrough of TTW and any and all help and tips hell even constructive criticsm is welcome. I'll push all my plugins and such and imma step away for a few hours and relax a bit sense seizures suck but anyway to all who read this i hope everyone has a great day and GG's.
"0000","+","TTW game"
"0002","+","JIP LN NVSE Plugin"
"0003","+","Stewie Tweaks"
"0004","-","Stewie Tweaks Essentials INI"
"0005","+","Stewie Tweaks INI"
"0006","+","Perk Per Level"
"0007","+","JohnnyGuitar NVSE"
"0009","+","UIO - User Interface Organizer"
"0011","+","Mod limit fix"
"0012","+","F76 Caps UI"
"0013","+","Just Assorted Mods"
"0014","+","Animated Player Interactions"
"0015","+","Simple Interior Lighting Overhaul"
"0016","+","Dusty Distance Redone"
"0017","+","ENB Glowing Objects Overhaul PART 1"
"0018","-","Better Strip View"
"0019","-","Strip Lights Region Fix"
"0020","-","Lucky 38 Lights Redone - Full Model"
"0021","-","Lucky 38 Lights Redone - Full Model - Better Strip View"
"0022","+","TFH Rugged Race"
"0023","-","Nut Water Overhaul"
"0024","+","PM's Med-Textures"
"0025","+","PM's HD Ammo Boxes - 2K Diffuse 1K Normals"
"0026","-","HD Fire and Explosions"
"0027","+","WMVM Re-Organised TTW 3.3.1"
"0028","+","TTW - WMVM"
"0029","+","TTW Merged Collectable Quests"
"0030","+","Expanded Megaton House - TTW"
"0031","-","Glowing Ghouls"
"0032","-","Asset Pack"
"0033","-","Prodlimen Creature Pack Main File"
"0034","-","Config File"
"0035","-","DC Robot Voices Patch"
"0036","+","Climate Control NVSE"
"0037","+","TTW Dark Nights"
"0038","+","Accurate Stars 2k"
"0039","+","Desert Natural Weathers TTW"
"0040","+","Desert Natural Weathers TTW Patch"
"0041","+","True Weathers TTW"
"0042","+","True Weathers TTW - Natural Edition"
"0043","+","Prodlimen Creature pack"
"0044","+","Glowing Cazadors and Retexture"
"0045","+","All Clothing Retex"
"0046","+","All DLC Clothings"
"0047","-","Remastered HD Mr House"
"0048","-","House's Securitron - MAIN"
"0049","-","Improved Robots Textures - All in One (Lore Friendly)"
"0050","-","Securitron Hires retexture 4096x4096px"
"0051","+","Securitrons in CRT 1.0"
"0052","+","OWB in CRT"
"0053","-","Super Mutants HD - 2k High"
"0054","+","Improved ED-E Textures"
"0056","+","IMPACT - The Gaming Rig"
"0057","-","EXE FULL RES V2 -LATEST"
"0058","+","EVE - Essential Visual Enhancements"
"0059","+","Enhanced Bullet Impacts"
"0060","+","Enhanced Blood Impact"
"0061","+","Gore Overhaul"
"0062","+","Enhanced Blood Textures"
"0063","+","Bloodverhaul (Blood Texture)"
"0064","+","BLEED TTW"
"0065","+","VWR - Vanilla Weapons Redone - Explosives"
"0066","+","VWR - Vanilla Weapons Redone - Explosives - EVE patch"
"0067","+","Nuka World Imports"
"0068","+","Nuka Wolrd Imports Optional Labels and Caps"
"0069","-","Nuka World Imports Optional Glowing Bottles"
"0070","+","AWSOME Plugin"
"0071","-","Weapon Mesh Improvement Mod"
"0072","+","3 Dog's Place"
"0074","-","TTW - Springvale Garage"
"0075","+","TTW 3.3 Lone Courier's Dialogue - DC Origin"
"0076","+","TTW New Vegas Speech Checks"
"0077","+","TTW Reputations"
"0078","+","TTW (D.I.E.O.) Dialogue and Interactions Expansion Overhaul"
"0079","+","P.A.M.S. - Power Armor Movement Sounds 2x Volume"
"0080","+","A Music Addition Project"
"0081","+","TTW Perks And Traits 1.3b"
"0082","-","Animated Scavenger World for TTW"
"0083","+","Better reinforced metal armor"
"0084","+","Repair Metal Armor with Any Metal Misc Items"
"0085","+","Desert Nomad 1.21"
"0086","+","Desert Nomad - TTW Craterside Supply"
"0087","+","TTW Actually Viable Brotherhood Armory"
"0088","+","Fallout 4 Power Armor Features"
"0089","+","A Familiar Friend - Pip-Boy 2500 - Handheld Pipboy"
"0090","+","No Pipboy in Power Armor"
"0091","+","Universal Pip-Boy Customization"
"0092","-","Classic Floaters For New Vegas"
"0093","-","Casino Crowds"
"0094","-","Mojave Raiders"
"0095","-","Mojave Wildlife - Vanilla Version"
"0096","-","The Living Desert - Main File 2.3"
"0097","-","Mojave Raiders - The Living Desert Patch"
"0098","+","TTW No Hardcore Sacrifice"
"0099","+","01 - NUKA WORLD IMPORTS Version"
"0100","+","Animated Ingestibles"
"0101","+","Animated Ingestibles - Update (english)"
"0102","+","21.Animated Ingestibles - Nuka Cola World (Imports)"
"0103","+","Enhanced Camera 1.4c"
"0104","-","Weapon Animations Replacer FOMOD"
"0105","+","Sten Gun kNVSE Set"
"0106","+","The Weapon Mod Menu"
"0108","+","Cleave 1.2"
"0109","+","B42 Inertia"
"0110","+","B42 Quickthrow"
"0111","+","B42 Melee Bash 0.5b"
"0112","+","360 Movement"
"0113","+","360 Movement BNB Animations player only"
"0115","+","Diagonal Movement 0.6b"
"0116","+","NV Compatibility Skeleton"
"0117","+","Dynamic Controller Mod"
"0118","+","FOV Slider"
"0119","+","Fallout 3 Weapons Restoration"
"0120","+","Repeater Rifle and Lincolns Repeater"
"0122","+","Fatman Spint"
"0124","+","AWO Type 93 - Updated"
"0126","+","Weapons Of The New Millenia And Friends"
"0127","+","WotNMaF TTW Patch"
"0128","+","Lore-Friendly Weapon Names"
"0129","-","Mtindle and WOTNM Complete Version"
"0130","+","Fatman kNVSE Animations Xolerys"
"0131","+","NPCs use Aid Items"
"0132","+","Less tanky TTW enemy's"
"0133","+","TTW Capital Express Dropboxes"
"0134","+","TTW Essential Caravan Merchants"
"0135","+","TTW Hardcore Perk Every Level"
"0136","-","Distributed Necklaces and Chains"
"0138","+","Burrowing Creatures Ex"
"0139","+","Ant Burrow Restored - Fixed Textures"
"0140","+","Spore Plants in the Wasteland"
"0141","-","Vault 34 Ghouls have Vault Suits"
"0142","-","FNV Heavy Assault Machine Rifle Mk. 2"
"0143","-","Groundcover Overhaul"
"0144","+","The True Blade of the West (2K)"
"0145","+","Canvas Backpacks - Remade"
"0146","+","Strapless Update"
"0147","-","Paulson TTW Companion"
"0148","-","Bittercup Companion v1.3 - TTW Conversion"
"0150","-","Niner Vanilla"
"0152","-","Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 FULL PACK"
"0153","-","Wasteland Clothing HD V1-3 POWDERGANG FIX -IMPORTANT"
"0154","+","Mojave Dropbox 2k"
"0155","+","aubri's sandbags - 2k"
"0156","-","MGs NCR Pack Ojo friendly"
"0158","-","Legacy Reborn - Low"
"0159","-","Mojave Cliffs - Low"
"0161","+","Metal Box 2k Version"
"0162","+","F4NV Billboards"
"0163","+","Rectified Water Tower"
"0164","-","Nut's Street Litter Redone"
"0165","+","George's Landscape Retextured 2021"
"0166","-","George's Landscape Retextured Object LOD"
"0167","+","TTW DC Flora Overhaul - Dead Edition"
"0168","+","Vurt's Improved Plants"
"0169","+","Nut's Natural Grass"
"0170","+","Higher Poly Rocks"
"0171","-","Redesigned Quarries 2K"
"0172","-","Ojo Bueno Texture Pack for FNV - HIGH"
"0173","+","00 - Better Books"
"0174","+","Magazines of Unparalleled Aesthetic Quality - 1K"
"0175","+","Micro Clutter"
"0176","+","Micro Clutter - Update"
"0177","+","Micro Clutter - Animated Ingestibles Patch"
"0178","+","ETJ Miniguns"
"0179","-","Ojo Bueno Nuka-Cola Machine 4K"
"0180","+","Fallout New Vegas retexture WIP by superpele"
"0184","+","TTW Animated microfiche"
"0185","-","Improved LOD noise Texture"
"0186","+","WTH - Weapon Textures from Heaven 2k"
"0187","+","Improved Heavy Weapons Textures 1.5"
"0188","-","big horner ulta high res texture"
"0189","+","Now you are ready for The Capital and The Mojave"
"0190","+","Update for Ver. 1.1"
"0191","+","TTW Halls of Today"
"0192","+","TTW Dupont Circle Interiors - Proper Conversion"
"0193","+","F3WB - Megaton"
"0194","+","TTW - 3.3 - Dual Wasteland Street Lights"
"0195","+","TTW - 3.3 - Dual Wasteland Street Lights - Less Lights"
"0196","+","Metro Carriage Interiors TTW"
"0197","+","TTW Landscape Additions"
"0198","+","Improved Lighting Shaders Preconfigured"
"0199","-","Hi-Res Eyes 1-2"
"0200","+","Chameleon Deathclaw"
"0201","+","Menace of The New West"
"0202","+","Menace of the new west TTW patch"
"0203","+","aMidianBorn NV Superb Mutants"
"0204","+","FeralGhouls Hires retexture"
"0205","+","Ghoul retexture"
"0207","-","FO3 NPC Overhaul"
"0208","-","Fallout Character Overhaul Races"
"0209","+","Fallout Character Overhaul 3.0"
"0210","-","ESM UPDATE FO3"
"0211","-","FO3 NPCs Travel"
"0212","+","Mojave creature pack"
"0215","+","Tuxek FO"
"0216","+","LakelurksMirelurkSwamplurk replacer"
"0218","+","Fallout 4 Power Armors for Fallout New Vegas and Tale of Two Wastelands"
"0234","+","Fo4 Upgrades From The Commonwealth (My Edit)"
"0235","-","YUP and EVE and IMPACT and BLEED"
"0236","+","Viewmodel Recoil 0.308"
"0237","+","Bullet Trails"
"0238","+","The Mod Configuration Menu"
"0239","+","MCM BugFix 2"
"0240","+","DC Armories Expanded TTW"
"0241","+","Taller DC TTW"
"0242","+","TTW Devastated City"
"0243","-","AWOP Dead Money 2.0"
"0244","-","Classic Adobe Buildings"
"0245","-","Vault 22 Flora Overhaul Remastered"
"0246","-","Mojave Bighorners"
"0247","-","Ultimate Ulysses Companion and Race"
"0248","-","Ultimate Ulysses Companion and Race Vanilla Body Patch"
"0249","-","Retrievable Throwables Reforged"
"0250","-","Craftable Throwables"

the messages ov the old world still persist and find meaning in the present most cant/wont hear the weight in their feet either for good or worse in the messages they speak to one another in truth we are all couriers carrying unknown messages.
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Load order help

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