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June 2022


 A Light Shining In Darkness + Asurah's Reanimation help

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A Light Shining In Darkness + Asurah's Reanimation help Empty
PostSubject: A Light Shining In Darkness + Asurah's Reanimation help   A Light Shining In Darkness + Asurah's Reanimation help EmptyTue May 24, 2022 11:17 pm

Hello everyone. If anyone could help me with this issue, I would be grateful. I'm using Asurah's Reanimation Pack. I know this mod is abandoned and known to be buggy, but it has been working great for me besides this one issue. Most of the guns I've tested seem to work beautifully with ARP. When firing the guns, it looks like they're actually recoiling with inward force towards the player's face/shoulder, super realistic. With A Light Shining in Darkness, this is not the case. The firing animation for this gun now just makes the gun bounce up and down, quickly and stiffly, not realistic at all. However, the regular .45 auto pistol works just fine with ARP. The regular .45 Auto pistol's firing is exactly as intended with ARP, but  firing animation is not. This is the only mismatched animation though. The ARP reload animation is exactly the same on both guns. I'm also using B42 Inspect, and both ammo and condition animations are exactly the same with both guns. It's only the firing of A Light Shining in Darkness thats buggy. This really is a problem for me because it's my favorite handgun in the game, and I use it for many playthroughs, yet I can't ignore this bug, it's too ugly. I don't want to resort to a fully modded .45 auto instead, especially since I'm using Weapon Mods Expanded so would actually be able to mod A Light Shining in Darkness for the first time, but if I can't fix this then I'll have to. Thank you everyone.

EDIT: I've tried experimenting with different animation packs specifically for both the .45 and LSID. Hit's .45, FNV Clean animations .45, Elite .45 animation overhaul, they all have the same effect. Works smoothly for the .45 auto, and everything except firing works for LSID, so it doesn't seem to actually be Asurah's in particular but just something about LSID
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A Light Shining In Darkness + Asurah's Reanimation help

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