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October 2021


 Fallout Mods In A Dream I Just Had

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PostSubject: Fallout Mods In A Dream I Just Had   Fallout Mods In A Dream I Just Had EmptyThu Aug 12, 2021 10:05 pm

Disclaimer: half of these are going to make zero sense.

This takes place in a strange bizarro-world where Fallout 4 was actually in New Vegas, even though nothing about Fallout 4 (map layout, buildings, people saying they're in Boston, etc.) changed. Also the Minutemen are the NCR, speak like NCR troopers from New Vegas, and act as if they're still in NCR even though it makes no sense.

  • After you get a bunch of settlements, nukes get planted in 2 of them. You only have time to save one.

  • The area around the settlement that got nuked acts like the recently nuked areas from Lonesome Road. The area is filled with feral ghouls and the explosion kicks up dirt to reveal hidden bunkers with high-level loot.

  • Factions patrol the area in armored radiation gear. Enemy factions send raiding parties to fight them.

  • The patrolling faction has vehicles apparently.

  • At the end of the game, a random story NPC you met early in the game (someone like Preston, Sturges, Scribe Haylen, Piper, etc.) challenges you to a fight in your nuked settlement.

  • The fight is incredibly hard and you're meant to lose. You can still win with a well-hidden gun that one shots the NPC to speed things up for returning players, but it really doesn't want you to. If you die, the credits roll. The game keeps track of this.

  • Once you start a new game, you have a new dialogue option to challenge that NPC to the same fight at any time. The NPC knows what you're talking about, and with a worried face leaves to the spot the fight took place in last time.

  • The fight is obviously much easier because you can choose the level the NPC fights you at. Once you win, a door appears that takes you out of the game and into real life. You get a secret ending where your character exits the simulation.

Exiting the simulation made me wake up in a conference room in Japan. I thought it was still a game, so I disrupted the meeting going on by doing stupid stuff like making armpit farts and saying "who asked" whenever anybody said something. The woman hosting the meeting told me I need to learn how to act outside of a simulation and had 2 big burly dudes drag me off to a basement interrogation room. Another dude with a mustache kept asking me rapid-fire questions that were hard to answer quickly. Every time I got it wrong, he'd jumper cable my nipples like that scene in Modern Warfare 2. If you've ever seen the ambulance level from Impossible Crisis, it was like that.

  • Sanctuary is a HUGE sprawling suburb big enough to be spread into 2 settlements. The second half got nuked in my dream and the survivors on the outskirts shot at me on sight. I defused the nuke in the first half and they all loved me, gave me better trading prices, and gave me 2 troopers to help me fight the new boss.

  • There was a bar built inside of a train car, so buildable train cars with spacious interiors I guess.

  • Some kind of modern gun that hasn't been added yet, I can't remember what it was.

I really need to quit waiting until I'm sleep-deprived to go to bed.

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Fallout Mods In A Dream I Just Had

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