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May 2022


 Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug

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Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug  Empty
PostSubject: Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug    Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug  EmptyMon Jul 26, 2021 7:13 pm

Does anyone know a fix for this weird shadow/AO issue? I'm using Georges Enb and currently have all my mods disabled aside from stability mods. If I turn a certain direction shadows disappear and re-appear as shown in the video linked below. Please help this is driving me nuts. Thanks!
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Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug    Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug  EmptyWed Jan 12, 2022 9:55 am

That is a really odd issue you're having, but I've seen similar issues from ENB before - never found a way to fix it. However, I do know that it's been said on a few different forums (and in the Viva New Vegas guide) that ENB in general is incomplete for New Vegas, having not had some of it's features implemented - it was recommended on VNV to use a reshade instead.

That said, you might have gotten more and/or better help if you'd posted this in the Fallout subforum rather than the Grand Theft Auto one. It's an easy whoopsie to make if you aren't used to forums/bulletin boards, so try not to stress too much (and TBC, I'm new too, not any kind of authority - I'm just trying to be helpful).

Contact me if you want help with voice acting.  I'm more than happy to volunteer.  I'll add voice samples here when I'm allowed to do so - I'm still in the 'new member doghouse' until then Smile

And for anyone that needs one, Big-Hug

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Fallout New Vegas ENB AO Bug

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