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August 2021


 Question about making a sort of guide\modlist

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Question about making a sort of guide\modlist Empty
PostSubject: Question about making a sort of guidemodlist   Question about making a sort of guide\modlist EmptySun Mar 07, 2021 10:37 pm

In recent months a few of my buddies have gotten interested in playing and modding New Vegas. To that extent I've taken it upon myself to make a semi-comprehensive guide to installing mods, and specifically a few different mod lists for different preferences along with how to install and troubleshoot additional mods into the load order if wanted. Its similar in structure to how Viva New Vegas (by no means comparing to, its not on the same level nor does it serve the same purpose) in the sense of starting from the base performance mods and working down the load order, explaining what each mod does, why I chose it, as well as options or tweaks if applicable. This guide is likely still a few months away from being being finished by the standards I want it to uphold, like being easy on the eyes, as I love creating walls of text but not many people like to read them
As well as actually give a good understanding of the tools and mod organizer so they can build their own modded save from a good starting point. I'm well aware that ALL of these guides already exist, a lot of which here on the Network and of extremely high quality, that I've taken the time to read and learn from, and I'm by no means trying discredit those who have made these, or to create a full community guide here. Just making it for friends as a project on the side and figured I'd post to see if it's even okay to put it up here. Now for the question, and point of the post. Is there a place on the forums for such a thing or is it even allowed? I fully intend to label it as what it is, a mod list and half-guide for my personal preferences and experiences made for friends and not at all replacing or updating any currently available guides, but more an obscure alternative for those who might want a different style for their guide, prefer some of the included mods, or otherwise found some information they didn't already know about I also intend to link to the mentioned guides, and any community made guides I happen across or are given permission to me for. Speaking of which is another part of why I asked if it's okay to post here, as I definitely don't want to discredit anyone's work by linking it without permission, which getting permission for the amount of currently included mods would be possible, but a agonizing wait more likely than not, so if I'm unable to upload it here or it's recommended against, that's perfectly understood and alright since I'm unaware of how helpful it will be to those on the Network anyway in it's current draft.
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Question about making a sort of guide\modlist

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