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May 2022


 The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth)

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The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth) Empty
PostSubject: The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth)   The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth) EmptySun Jan 24, 2021 9:16 am

Howdy... Nah fuck that, what's good GUNners. For those of y'all who don't know me I'm Matt. I've been a member of this neat community for.... Oh god seven years now. Joined up in 2014 back when it was VGU (Video Game Underground) and when I just got my feet wet in the modding scene. Now after a long ass absence I'm ready to get back in. Happy to say my PC has been majorly upgraded to what I use to have. No longer rockin with the Laptop Gang now part of the Tower Troops.

My main thing for a while on here was writing stories and uploading content to GUN's YouTube Channel. Sadly I had to go on a personal hiatus due to a number of issues that I'm not gonna go into detail about cause it's personal shit I'm moving on from. With it being a new year I figured it was time to get off my ass and get back to doing what I loved and that's playing video games, sharing my experiences with you guys and writing some pretty solid short stories for everyone here to check out.

With all that being said I am happy to be back in the saddle and excited for everyone here to check out what I have in store for my fellow GUNners, lookin at you DVA. I know I've been slackin and ghosting hard but no worries fam I got you and I know you'll love what I have in store for GUN.

Anywho feel free to hit me here or on the Discord or shit friend me on Steam, name is the same as it is on here. I'll see y'all down range GUNners, stay frosty.

The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth) Hkq9sUe
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The Man, The Texan, The Matt (A Rebirth)

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