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January 2020


 New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back)

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New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back) Empty
PostSubject: New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back)   New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back) EmptyFri Dec 08, 2017 12:16 pm

What's up everyone, Matticus4205 back at it again! It's been a long time since I've posted on here but what the hell. I decided to get back into the swing of the swing of things. Then I thought to myself, "What better to mark my return then with a new story teaser?" So that's what I'm doing. If you know me then you know what to expect, if you don't then sit back and enjoy some rather decent writing.

In a nutshell this story is set in a FPS world where death in the game, means death in the real world. It ultimately comes down to whether or not you have the will to survive and pull the trigger. In this small part we follow Coffin & Yuri as they explore a forest near a town.

The images below show gear similar to what the characters are using but the weapons are different.




Hopefully you guys enjoyed that, if you're interested in reading more into the project I'll be more than happy to post more. If you have any questions feel free to leave them down below.

New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back) Hkq9sUe
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New Project Teaser (PS Matt's Back)

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