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January 2022


 [FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved)

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[FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved) Empty
PostSubject: [FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved)   [FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved) EmptyFri Oct 18, 2019 12:12 am

Hey everyone, first post on the forums and--of course--its asking for help. ><

I've been having an ENB issue that's really been getting on my last nerve. In some places, not all, the carpets flicker with this white transparency unless you're standing right on them--this is most noticeably in the Sierra Madre, the Lucky 38, and--for a modded example--Autumn Leaves.

The problem goes away whenever I disable the ENB settings, but I can't figure out which one is causing it. I have the fix transparency bugs option on, and tried with it turned off just to see--no difference. Now, this isn't a screenshot of my game (I play on a different computer, and its easier to just use someone else's picture instead) but it's exactly the same issue. The picture in question comes from a 3 year old elsewhere topic that, unfortunately, didn't offer any fixes.

[FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved) Uc4u8rw

Can someone, PLEASE, help me out with this? I've looked for a fix for this for god knows how long, and apparently its just not an issue for anyone but me and this dude from 3 years ago. I made a post on Nexus forums too, but I've never actually had luck with people answer my questions over there so I thought I'd give it a shot here, too.

EDIT: Alright! For anyone in the future who may have this problem, I found the solution!

Just go into your ENBlocal file, and change this line in [Antialiasing] from EnableaccumulativeAA=true, to EnableaccumulativeAA=false.

I'm not sure what, exactly, this setting does--if someone else could fill that one in so we less tech savvy know what we're losing?--but setting it to false fixes the issue where rugs turn white and transparent. Hopefully this post will help someone else down the line. Thumbs Up
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[FNV] Rudy ENB Transparent Rugs Help (Solved)

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