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September 2019


 Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments

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Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments Empty
PostSubject: Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments   Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments EmptyThu Aug 22, 2019 2:05 am

I had some ideas for social experiments that I would do if I were in charge of Vault-Tec. Since the plebbit thread for this kind of thing can no longer be posted to, I figured I might as well post it here. Might even inspire some mod ideas, who knows.

1. Constructed Language Communications

This experiment will take place in two different vaults. One will be the Klingon Vault and the other will be the Elven Vault. The populations will be raised so that their first language will be both Klingon and Tolkien Elvish respectively.

The primary difference between the two will be the fact that the Klingon Vault will utilize the standard Roman AKA English Alphabet for written communication and the Elven Vault will use the Tengwar alphabet for written communication.

The purpose of this experiment is obvious. It is to see if a population can thrive when a constructed language is the only known method of communication. The experiments in both vaults will last 150 years.

2. Wasteland Survival Readiness

In this vault, the population will be allowed 360 days to get fully settled in. After which, all residents will undergo complete training in the various skills of woodworking, leathercrafting, metalsmithing, melee and ranged combat, mounted combat, horsemanship, farming, natural medicine, various types of warfare, making clothes, building houses and fortifications from scrap, scavenging and other essential wasteland survival skills.

Training in each skill will be based on individual abilities. But combat and horsemanship will be mandatory for all residents. This will be a multi generational project to ensure complete skill retention across the entire vault society. Residents who become of age and are deemed ready by the computers and overseer will be permitted to leave the vault to settle the wasteland.

The vault will be located in an area that can easily have a new city/town be built around it and be fortified. With a mixture of both urban and rural regions surrounding it. Plenty of materials to harvest and scavenge.

To provide the materials required for creating new life, a GECK will be provided which must be deployed by the first people to emerge from the vault.

Also as a side project, a focus on crafting Demascus Steel bladed weapons will be included so that the residents have something valuable to use and trade.

3. Flagellation Punishment.

In this vault, law and order will be maintained by punishing offenders not with detainment but flagellation on the bare back with various types of leather whips.

The severity of the offence determines the number of lashes inflicted and what whip is used. Be it the bullwhip, scourge, cat o nine tails, snake whip, flogger, etc. Also if the skin should be broken, scars created, or just welts etc. is determined by the offence.

The purpose of this experiment is to see if flagellation is more effective at correcting criminal behavior then detention.

4. The Amish Vaults.

These vaults will be built near the nation's Amish communities and be dedicated to preserving their lifestyle and culture. The vaults will contain all of the materials and resources required for them to live their normal lives as best as they can.

When it becomes time to leave the vault and return to the surface, a GECK will be used to provide all the resources need for the Amish to resume their normal lives.

5. Gladiatoral Combat

In this vault, all disputes are settled via gladiatorial combat in the vault arena. Melee weapons and armor are the only things provided to the combatants. The winner in the dispute is the one who manages to get their opponent to surrender or render them unable to continue fighting.

Various vault positions such as security chief and overseer are predetermined at first. But anyone can challenge them to single combat in the arena for their position.

The vault will be equiped with the most advanced medical technology and equipment to treat combatants after they fight.

6. A more humane Vault 11

The experiment in this vault will be nearly identical to the one in Vault 11 but the only difference is that the sacrifice is forced to leave the vault and never return.

7. The Melee Vault

In this vault, all ranged weapons are removed and only melee weapons are supplied in the armory. So daggers, knives, one and two handed swords, flails, maces, axes, spears, halbards, etc.

Since most of the populations are mostly familier only with the ranged firearm and projectile based weapons, this vault is to see how they would react to and deal with melee combat being the only method of combat available.

Extra security and defenses on the outside since raiders are likely to be wielding more then melee weapons.

8. The Gorean Vault

This is a multi generational vault experiment in which all residents are to adhere to the culture and practices depicted in the Gor novels by John Norman.

All of the books and reference materials are placed on holotapes for reference. A holotape containing a complete legal, social, and cultural system will also be provided that distills the books into a working sociatal code. Yes, this includes the stuff about slavery as well.

The purpose of this vault is to see if such a society is sustainable in the long run.

9. The BDSM Vault

This is a multigenerational vault experiment which is designed to investigate the effects of a sadomasochistic population being sustained across generations.

Residents are all BDSM enthusiasts and must live with each other. The vault is equiped to satisfy all possible kinks but mostly ones involving whips and chains.

What experiments would you put in a vault?
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Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments Empty
PostSubject: Re: Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments   Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments EmptyThu Sep 12, 2019 7:24 pm

Man you are creative Thumbs Up really cool ideas for vault experiments
my favorite was the Gladiatoral Combat experiment because it would be cool to be in the fights ingame or something and the others were also interesting, that was all hope you are having a good day Waving Smiley
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Some of my own personal ideas for Vault-Tec Experiments

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