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February 2020


 I thought I'd discuss this "dead?" mod...

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I thought I'd discuss this "dead?" mod... Empty
PostSubject: I thought I'd discuss this "dead?" mod...   I thought I'd discuss this "dead?" mod... EmptyThu Aug 15, 2019 9:33 am

This mod that makes glass "rain proof" but only for glass in Settlement Objects Expansion.

For a long time, I'd been hearing that it was completely impossible to make glass rain-proof, because the engine lets rain fall through anything that is see-through, period.  Of course, modders always eventually find a way.  

Unfortunately it's only for one specific mod.  I'm not taking it to the modder's page directly, because... well... I've seen some modders become almost indescribably ANGRY! when someone suggests something like "can you do x?"  I think that's what happened to the well-loved New Vegas solid project... I think.  

So what I am really wondering -- modders out there -- since this mod was released, did the technique become "common knowledge?"  Is it something most modders now know how to do and is no longer thought of as impossible?  Is it a simple fix?  Because, yeah, maybe I will, as they say, "Do it yourself!" Smile
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I thought I'd discuss this "dead?" mod...

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