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October 2019


 [FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro

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[FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro Empty
PostSubject: [FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro   [FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro EmptyMon Jun 24, 2019 1:01 pm

Big Hello Smiley apologies for the smart question I realize it is trully in the caliber of Tesla himself

Changing the intro/Goodsprings what do I mean by that well aside the the CGI vid we get trown in there
I am curious as to what damages/changes can be made to change it from the good ol waking up after 2 weeks
in the bed for patients for the Doc walk towards the machine and so forth
and do the regular quest , there are what ifs based on what exactly I want to change lets just say
make it so the player wakes up in a diffrent location gets greeted by someone else and Goodsprings is sacked upon awakening

Why ask here , well while cruizing after the 59th crash in the geck I kinda got shivers upon touching that portion of the game as well as remembering reading once that changing that will kinda break the game
I dont know if its hardcoded into the game but in shorter version is it as harmful as trying to make a Right Handed pipboy ?
figured might as well ask maybe in a few years this will get a reply

oh and thanks in advance happy trails

[FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro UBREc2O
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[FNV] - Changing Goodsprings/Intro

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