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 FNV Crashing

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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptyWed Mar 27, 2019 11:41 pm

So I've reinstalled NV. With some mods. A lot of mods.

Thing is, LOOT indicates no issues, I've ran them before with no issues, it's just since reinstalling. You'd think, must be one of the mods, right?


Basically what happens is when launching with all my mods active there's no menu and it just keeps on loading despite not missing any masters. I painfully disabled every mod until I ended up with just the FNV plugins.

I disabled literally every plugin except FalloutNV.esm

And this is where it gets... "funny"

I've heard of FNV crashing before it gets to the main menu, but now there's no menu at all, even without ANY mods, and after a few menu-less seconds it crashes. Really weird.

I've tried verifying but didn't change anything.

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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptyThu Mar 28, 2019 9:23 am

I had this issue not that long ago, would it be possible to send us your load order from when you initially loaded all these mods in the first place.

Are you by any chance using The Solid Project? I had issues with this and MMUE from the nexus. Once I disabled that it would allow me to get to the main menu.

Also, another idea would be to use the default NV launcher and check the data files (this will mess with Invalidation if launched, so don't launch it) and see what is active there. I do this because I switch between Mod Organiser 2, FOMM and Vortex so it's hard to see what installed what.

Hope any of this helps, if you post your load order you'll probably recieve better advice by better infromed user Laugh Out Loud

FNV Crashing Mgs4-art-banner

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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptyThu Mar 28, 2019 6:33 pm

It can be a lot of things honestly. If you have conflicting mods, it might. Or if you have mods lots of mods that change the same thing and use lots of scripts it might be. The troubleshooting process is long and painful. Loot might not be the way to go, FNVEDIT will give you a more detailed look at what might be causing the crashing.

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FNV Crashing Flnv_b10
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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptyFri Mar 29, 2019 11:13 am

Was the game repeating the same issue with all the mods and dlc content off?
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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptyFri Mar 29, 2019 8:29 pm

Are you using DarnifiedUI? To get a full vanilla game. Dont use Mo1. and launch from original game.

FNV Crashing Genjis10
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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing EmptySat Mar 30, 2019 12:53 am

Sup buddie, well i recomend you to double-check your esps and esms in your fallout launcher or check them with the fomm, in some cases one esp can conflict with another esp, like for example the nevada skies have three esp that are basically the same, if you turn on all three esps you fnv will ctd or something like a freeze and then a crash, i don't know if this is your case of conflicting esps but you can check by yourself 'cause this tipe of error doesnt aways appears in LOOT

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FNV Crashing Empty
PostSubject: Re: FNV Crashing   FNV Crashing Empty

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FNV Crashing

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