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October 2019


 The "color" of pip-boy games

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The "color" of pip-boy games Empty
PostSubject: The "color" of pip-boy games   The "color" of pip-boy games EmptyMon Jul 09, 2018 8:54 pm

(I wasn't completely sure where to post this.)

So, I have my pip-boy set to green right now, in honor of the old monochrome apple computers.
Anyway, I was wondering -- let's say I made a simple pipboy game as a test,and gave it two colors.  Does the pipboy interface apply the green color to whatever is run on it, or could a custom game technically be run with colors?  
Grognak really could have benefitted from a few extra colors, and I wonder about how it was programmed.  It wasn't made green, because the color is changeable with the pipboy settings.  
I can't help but think a mod that gave the pipboy a color interface would be interesting.  An-ingame upgrade, maybe from a techie in vault 81 who had been part of a pip-boy tinkering project for the last 200 years. That ought to be enough time for a prospering vault to figure out how to upgrade a pipboy. I remember the fallout 1/2 pipboys could get certain upgrades.
I wish I knew more about how the pipboy games were made.  I have read somewhere that they're swf/flash game files.  Makes me wonder if other flash games could be run on the pip boy, and whether or not they'd retain their original color scheme or be forced into monochrome green by the pipboy settings.
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The "color" of pip-boy games

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