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January 2022


 {poem}Dark Compilation

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{poem}Dark Compilation Empty
PostSubject: {poem}Dark Compilation   {poem}Dark Compilation EmptyMon Apr 10, 2017 3:25 am

Howdy, Y'all, I just want to start off by saying I didn't mean to make a bunch of short, dark poems, but just idly writing while at work led to that. A couple of other poems are almost finished, some of which are more upbeat. For now, have these bummers.

My Name Is Joy.
My name is Joy.
I have been told,
I just annoy.
I have been told
I have no worth.
When I am old
I'll miss the earth,
it wont miss me,
and no one will.
They'll bury me
in a land fill.
That's what I'm told,
I wont be coy,
my name

The Modern American Rendition of "Joy to the World."
Joy to the world!
and the land of the brave!
They froze
to death
Deep in a cave!

They tried to end it faster,
each one ate their blaster,
and each of their guns jammed,
They passed as closest friends,
and as family
they watched
each other

We didn't know their names!
We just call them "the Brave!"
Sure they died for our freedom,
but we're all still slaves!

How To (Not) Fix You
(How to)Don't look
for someone to fix you.

(not)Don't look
for someone who cares.

(How to)You're the only one
who can fix you.

(not)Which must mean
you can't have help.

(How to)You may need help
from someone to fix you.

(not)If you do, you're weak
and we don't need you.

(How to) In the end,
you must save yourself.

(not) You can't have help,
from somebody else.

(How to) You may get pills,
They say to take.

(not) They don't work,
Their advice is fake.

(How to) I know your hurting,
but you can't rely.

(not) You're all alone,
go ahead and cry.

(fix you) Your wounds will heal,
This you can trust.
Be one of few,
that stay with us.

Place and Way are the Same
They got
no place
to work

They got
no place
to sleep

Course they
aint got
to eat

first world country
or so we're told
but our people are dying
out in the cold.

This is
no place
to live.

Again, I didn't mean to write a bunch of bummers, just turned out that way. Sorry if any of these are subpar by the way, I finished all of em in one day and decided I didn't want to keep workin' on em, just too sad.

Be wary, or become a lonely boy.
{poem}Dark Compilation 4wcQkTt
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{poem}Dark Compilation

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