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August 2018

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 The Far Away Ride | {Poem}

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PostSubject: The Far Away Ride | {Poem}   Wed Sep 27, 2017 9:08 pm

Here It comes,
The Far Away Ride:
The sinking ship,
the rising tide.
Now as my old walls give away
there's just some things I have to say.

I have loved,
I have lost,
and both were good
and held no cost.
I've felt pain,
day by day,
and in the end it fades away.
I've moved on,
I've survived,
and in the deepest darkness thrived.
I have lived,
I have cried,
and when all was said and done I've smiled.
For hurt is just another thing
that causes the most shy to sing.

Here it comes,
comes for me:
the crashing waves,
the racing sea.
You'll get yours.
I'll get mine,
and we'll call it
the Far Away Ride.
Like hellos
have goodbyes.
You'll have yours,
like I have mine.

I've hugged dogs,
I've pet cats,
I've held birds,
and I've kissed bats,
the animals, they teach, you see,
what becomes of you and me.
Though it all is coming down,
I'd ask you see the good all around.

Close your eyes,
breathe in deep,
and if you feel you must,
then weep.
It is time
for me to go,
and drowning's not so bad you know,
when all you have to do is let go.

If you
should see tears
forming now,
after all these years,
I'd ask for you to know one thing,
For now I know that this scene stings,
but all we keep is the little things.
If I could, I'd happily sing.

but the air,
it escapes,
and I fear that
I have stayed to late.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.


Be wary, or become a lonely boy.
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The Far Away Ride | {Poem}

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