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July 2018

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 Real-Time/Dynamic Shadows FO3/FNV?

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PostSubject: Real-Time/Dynamic Shadows FO3/FNV?   Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:49 am

Simple question, really: did we ever get a mod that adds real-time dynamic shadows to FO3/FNV?

Many of you will recall ShadeMe's ShadeMe mod for Oblivion, which added such a feature:

I recall Xilandro, Hitman and a few others requesting a port, or, at the very least, the source code from the mod author. Shortly after that, things went quiet. Eventually, the ENB for FO3/FNV received detailed shadows from Boris, which is not entirely the same thing and never came out of Beta from what I understand. The author of Project Reality also planned to add dynamic shadows to his weather mod and there were even some demonstrations of this, but for whatever reason they were never released and the mod has been abandoned.

I'm in the process of creating a new ENB and weather and even with all of these post-processing and weather tweaks there's still something flat about our beloved FO3/FNV. The world lacks visual depth. I'm surprised we still haven't received anything after almost a decade since Fallout 3's release. We know it's possible within the engine due to what ShadeMe produced as well as some early tests by the PR author, but we still haven't seen such a thing released for FO3/FNV. It is my hope that we can eventually have interior lighting mods that mimic the lighting found in mods like ELFX as well.

Is anybody aware of any developments?


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Real-Time/Dynamic Shadows FO3/FNV?

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