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October 2019


 Facial sliders on a custom head mesh? (FNV)

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Facial sliders on a custom head mesh? (FNV) Empty
PostSubject: Facial sliders on a custom head mesh? (FNV)   Facial sliders on a custom head mesh? (FNV) EmptySat 9 Jul 2016 - 15:10

Hey all

I don't know if anyone here has any knowledge about this subject, but it never hurts to ask. Smile

I have a custom head mesh that uses its own morphs. The TRI was made with the conformulator, and functioned flawlessly after revamping it, and adding the remaining morphs the program doesn't generate. (such as eye blinking)

One thing that has stumped me is how can facial sliders be applied to the head? On any vanilla head, there is no segment that can't be shaped in some sort of form, but how can you apply those same sliders to maybe only a portion of your model? Take for example I wanted the cheek slider to target the model's ears, and control their length or width.

Thanks for any input!

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Facial sliders on a custom head mesh? (FNV)

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