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October 2019


 Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers)

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Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers)   Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers) EmptySun Nov 22, 2015 5:58 pm

Yeah so i was talking to the BOS captain, and he told me to destroy the railroad but for some reason when he'd finished speaking to me, he gave me a mila and Weathervane Hub 360 started even though all the other railroad quests had failed due to me now being a enemy, and now i have to turn in the quest to tom even though he's dead and when i try to spawn him in he's automatically hostile i need to complete the mission manually from the console. So what im asking for is the quest id for Weathervane : Hub 360 thanks in advance

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Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers)   Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers) EmptyMon Nov 23, 2015 4:27 am

Gotten off of reddit.
"Get into the console by hitting the tilde key: ~
Type: sqt
This will list all your current quests. They are listed by who assigned them to you. For example, Min02 for minuteman.
Type in: help min02 0- This will show the quest ID
In order to complete the quest type: completequest questid
You may need to trial and error which quest needs to be completed so make a backup."

If that doesnt work I think the quest id is: 000b926a

Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers) G1ExcnS

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Need a quest id (Fallout 4) (spoilers)

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