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 Fallout 4 crashing all of a sudden

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Fallout 4 crashing all of a sudden Empty
PostSubject: Fallout 4 crashing all of a sudden   Fallout 4 crashing all of a sudden EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 7:28 pm

My fallout 4 suddenly started crashing today and I hadn't played it since Friday afternoon. I noticed a handful of times during the week that it crashed on startup but it would run just fine immediately after when I started it up again.

Today however it is refusing to start and I have been googling and trying to troubleshoot.

And just as I was making this post I decided to try again and copy down the message I get but this time it started up! lol I clicked on the desktop as it faded to black to start up and this time it fired up no problem. I have a feeling its the dual screens but if all I have to do is click the desktop then I guess its not a big deal? Maybe I just didn't notice I was clicking the desktop before or something.

Anyone have this same experience?

Edit: Nvm its still crashing and a couole times it crashed with no error message at all. All my other games are still running fine but for some reason F4 has decided not to cooperate.

GPU Gefore GTX Titan X SLI
CPU I7-4790k 4.8Ghz
Memory 16Gb 1600hz ddr3
Asus Maximus VII Formula MB

Edit 2: I tried windows mode with borderless and it works but the window is super tiny. Last week I was playing everyday at 3840x2160 and now all of a sudden its a no go.

Edit 3: I reinstalled and its still crashing on start up and Im pretty much done for now. I see no reason for this happening when it ran perfectly fine just a week ago.

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Fallout 4 crashing all of a sudden

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