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 Chatbox Rules

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Chatbox Rules Empty
PostSubject: Chatbox Rules   Chatbox Rules EmptyMon Oct 26, 2015 10:59 am

Hello GUNners and GUNettes!

Seeing as there has been a great number of chatbox issues lately,
we find ourselves strong-armed into implementing even more rules!

Boo! Rules suck! Don't do it
Yeah, I agree, but they're apparently necessary
since a lot of people lack even basic common sense.

So here they are:

1. Be appropriate.
This means anything generally viewed as inappropriate may be reported to staff members and you might get banned from the chatbox for it.
This includes a wide range of "inappropriate" content, among which stand pornography, exceeding gore, racist, sexist, xenophobic content, advertisements or links to inappropriate websites, images or videos, etc.

2. Do not spam.
This means - do not post the same message over and over again.  This doesn't include the usual "short posts" definition of "spam", because being an instant messaging chat room, short posts are welcomed. But do not post the same thing over and over again or you might get banned from the chatbox.

3. Do not argue with, insult or threaten another member.
Breaking this rule might get you banned from the chatbox AND the site (Temporarily or Permanently).

4. Do not bring up politics, religion or illegal activities like piracy, drugs, hacking, etc.
Breaking this rule might get you banned from the chatbox AND the site (Temporarily or Permanently).

5. Do not share direct download links to someone else's mods. Regardless if the mod author's given you permission, you will only share the link to the release page or topic of the mod, NOT to the direct download location (so no mediafire, rapidshare, mega links or any other similar sources).
Links to Nexus mods are okay as long as it's to the main mod page, not to the direct download server of the mod.
This also implies that you are forbidden from sharing mods from the exclusive GUNetwork mods, under any circumstances, including links to their release topics.
If it is your own mod, share the download link by Private Messages or other instant messaging services such as Skype, Steam Chat, Facebook/WhatsApp and other messengers.
Breaking this rule will most likely get you banned from the site permanently, or at the very least demoted from Colonial/Veteran rank and banned from the Chatbox.

6. Do not post in foreign languages. You've agreed to participating in an English speaking forum, so there will be no other languages or alphabets in the chatbox unless there's an immediate, accurate translation following it.

7. If you want to post an image, use [spoiler] tags
otherwise, the whole chatbox will stretch to the size of a wallpaper pic and you're ruining it for everyone who wants to scroll past it.
Breaking this rule once will make a lot of people annoyed and you may be warned. Breaking this rule multiple times, ignoring warnings and redirections to this rule, might get you banned from the chatbox (Temporarily or Permanently).

8. Respect the advice and warnings received from Chatbox Moderators (staff members with @ in front of their names).
If they ask you to stop doing something, you may ask why, but you may not continue doing the thing, in protest or stubbornness. If you've been kicked from the chatbox (forcibly logged off), take 10 minutes to think to yourself why before logging back in. If you've been banned, ask yourself if it broke any of these rules, or other standards of common sense.

If you believe you've been wrongfully sanctioned or bullied by a Staff Member, report it to an Overseer immediately. Take screenshots of the situation if you can and explain your point of view patiently and politely. We will try our best to avoid the occurrence of staff abuse and sanction it appropriately when it does.
Also, if you notice anyone breaking these rules, being rude to you or another, displaying any anti-social or inappropriate behavior, take screenshots and report them to a staff member.

Feel confident that your reports will be taken seriously and resolved fairly, as quickly as possible.

These rules may be modified or improved as time goes by.
Please check back on a regular basis or when announced.


With this opportunity, I'd like to invite more of you to join the chatbox on a regular basis. It's now been made more easily accessible with the Toolbar pop-up and improved notification settings, you have it available quite literally on every page of the forums.

Just for fun, you may also like to use the following commands while on the chatbox:

/me text goes here
to display your username and any other text you wish to add.
This is fun to use to refer to yourself in 3rd person, as if the system references you, or when you take an action which you want to describe in a detached manner:
Quote :
* DVAted is watching you  Skeptic

/abs (or /away ):
/abs reason or /away reason
Sends a message noticing you're Away. It will also change your status from Online to Away. You may add a reason after /abs, but it is not required. It will display like this:
Quote :
DVAted is away : to save the world... again.

/exit reason
When you want to exit the chatbox without clicking the "Log Out" button. You can also specify the reason which will display to all members connected:
Quote :
DVAted has logged off the chat on <Day of Week> <Day> <Month> <Year> - <hour>:<minute> (reason here)

Also, clicking on a connected member's name will automatically paste his/her username in your message box.

I hope this helped!
See you there soon!

The Winds of Change Rules - F.A.Q. GUN Insider Interview
Chatbox Rules DVAted
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Chatbox Rules

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