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 Comedy in the wasteland

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Doctor Smiley

Doctor Smiley

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Comedy in the wasteland Empty
PostSubject: Comedy in the wasteland   Comedy in the wasteland EmptyFri Aug 21, 2015 8:27 am

I'm sure its common knowledge that fallout as a series is equal parts serious and wacky ( a tradition spanning the whole series as canon ), so i was wondering what are some the experiences you people have had that got you into stitches, it could be anything, set-pieces, quests, even bugs and glitches.

Ill start:

So I had just started playing DUST survival simulator ( funniest of all the mods ), this was before the patch that stopped tunnelers from noticing you from across the wasteland ( those of you who have played DUST will know that the mere act of starting in DUST carries a death sentence of tunnelers the very moment you leave the starting point ), any way, I had just left the starting house where you spawn in and was instantly swarmed, after 4 depressingly similar deaths to tunnelers where i would miss every shot and they would kill in one hit, I decided to stop running and shooting and just flat-out sprint ( thanks to project Nevada ), I had managed to reach a cliff edge in which i desperately shimmied down, taking minimal damage, now the tunnelers still had some catching up to do as I reached the ground floor, I turned around and faced up towards the cliff edge, still back pedaling away.

Now the only explanation i can think of for this next bit is that the tunnelers, having realized the shittiness and total abhorrence that comes with being a tunneler, decided they didn't want to be tunnelers anymore, and would rather be lemmings, 6 of the little bastards 1 by 1 just ran off the cliff making a bee-line for me in mid-air, only to go splat on the solid asphalt, it was quite the site, and had caused me to stop and admire my tactical use of gravity against the games AI, it gave me a real appreciation for this character now, the tunnelers were gone and i had escaped barely unscathed, i had hope, i was gonna brave the wastes with my cliff-killing tactics and escape the Mojave.

Well, not too far up the road i was ambushed by cannibals, slaughtered in seconds and likely shat out in an hour, and of course my last save point was me emerging from the starting location and being immediately spotted by the suicidal bastards that died 1 save game ago, so i quit, both laughing at the situation and filled with impotent rage, unable to decide what emotion to run with.

so, that's my bit of comedy/tragedy from the wasteland,

how about you GUNetwork, what is your funniest moments in the fallout series?

Pervy Shepard
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Comedy in the wasteland Empty
PostSubject: Re: Comedy in the wasteland   Comedy in the wasteland EmptyFri Aug 21, 2015 2:16 pm

Hah, that's good stuff. Always funny when enemies in games turn into lemmings. Anyway here's mine and its a bit like yours. It was during the Honest Hearts dlc, and I was doing a bit of exploring, just minding my own when I came across a little band of white legs who started shooting at me. I started to do some retreating and firing back at them, making my way up a cliff side. Anyway, there was only one left and our positions ended up being his back to the cliff so I used PN's sprint slam ability to knock him off rather than waste any more bullets to kill him. I didn't have any time to really laugh and enjoy my little stunt as somewhere along our fight I had managed to unknowingly get the attention of a giant yao gui who had run up behind me at this point, gave me a good swat, and knocked me off the cliff as well. The difference between me and that white legs fella? I survived, but barely.

I was both laughing at the situation and surprised by my survival, but not for long! I turned upward to look back up at the cliff and as I did it was just in time to see that giant yao gui come falling off after me, he too survived his fall and then gave me another swipe which finished me off. Death by drop bear.
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PostSubject: Re: Comedy in the wasteland   Comedy in the wasteland EmptyFri Aug 21, 2015 5:21 pm

They say a picture is worth a thousand words right? Well in that case here is 4,000 words.

Funny pics:

I just thought these should be shared. They made me laugh and the ones that make peoples body look weird is from an Idle Stance mod I think which is By Cpt. Rex how ever when it happens it is fixed as soon as the person moves so its not game breaking and I continue to use the mod which is a great little mod.

Check out my youtube channel and support me with a sub ---->
Comedy in the wasteland Channe11
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Comedy in the wasteland Empty
PostSubject: Re: Comedy in the wasteland   Comedy in the wasteland EmptyFri Aug 21, 2015 8:16 pm

I think one of the funnies things I saw in FNV was the take off people. By that I mean whenever I got bored I would turn on TGM and then pull out something like the fatman only works on essential people first shoot them with it and then wait till they just start to get back up and shoot them again if you timed it right the person will shoot straight up into the sky sometimes disappearing from sight. You could also use a different weapon as long as it 1 hits them.

For fallout 3 there is a shot gun that I found can't remember if it was from a DLC or not. But I shot a vehicle with it and it blew up then I shot it again and watched the vehicle shoot off through the sky. 2nd time I tried it I used the console to increase my running speed then shot the vehicle once it was in the air I shot it again and started the longest game of keep up ever as I was able to keep that vehicle in the air for half the map till I hit a area that made it hard to keep up and once it hits the ground it looses whatever it had on it that allowed it to fly like that.
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PostSubject: Re: Comedy in the wasteland   Comedy in the wasteland Empty

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Comedy in the wasteland

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