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 What's up GUN :D

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Hype Kage

Hype Kage

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PostSubject: What's up GUN :D   What's up GUN :D EmptyFri Jun 11, 2021 5:59 pm

What's up guys, I'm Kage (kahg-aye), amateur New Vegas modder on my freetime and a full time weeb. I really like making vanilla+ style personal overhauls to my games but never actually had the courage or confidence to upload to sites like Nexus and the such. Would love to dive in here and get some advice from you more experienced folk especially when it comes to modeling with Blendr and nifskope, also texture mapping because holy hell those processes are no joke. Heard there are some top tier creators here so I'm excited to meet some of yall!  GroupHug

New Vegas > literally any RPG.
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What's up GUN :D

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