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May 2022


 Auspicious days, dwellers of GUNet

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Auspicious days, dwellers of GUNet Empty
PostSubject: Auspicious days, dwellers of GUNet   Auspicious days, dwellers of GUNet EmptyFri Apr 30, 2021 9:17 pm


It has been more than a decade, quite a bit longer, since I last introduced myself on a forum. I don't usually do it and I keep a low profile in general, so please excuse me if this first meeting is not the most appropriate (and because of my English, I usually read, but i don't write ).

So, where to start? My experience with Fallout started in the late nineties with 1 and 2. Great memories, but I think I was too young to enjoy it and of course what we always ended up playing with friends were more cooperative/online games. With the arrival of the F3 and FNew Vegas things were already different and I did squeeze them to exhaustion and with the F4 was more of the same at that time.

Years passed and a few months ago something stung me and I played Fallout 4 again trying to get all the missions, objects, weapons. When I finished with the game unmodified, I set out to see what had changed in the world of mods in the last five years, and I was amazed! Thanks to the tireless efforts of true genius, I can play Fallout 4 (3 and NV) with hardly any bugs and with decent graphics quality on a really, really old machine.

I would like to put an images examples of some of my game profiles, but I cannot insert external links the first 7 days.

What am I looking for? Nothing in particular, just the way to take these games beyond what I have ever imagined and perhaps with the push of this community to contribute something more to the rest of the enthusiasts. I'm even considering getting into mod creation itself, but time to time.

I will try to contribute my grain of sand in this, at first glance, very nice community and I hope it would be helpful to someone.
Thank you very much for your attention and time.

Sincerely, Narayan.
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Auspicious days, dwellers of GUNet

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