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April 2021



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TTW or SFW-RA Empty
PostSubject: TTW or SFW-RA   TTW or SFW-RA EmptyFri May 22, 2020 8:06 am

Ok,fail to find something about it.

Personally, i do not have a problem to play on English or Russian, so there is no language problem.

I start to read for few days about both mods.
Somehow start to feel, that SFW is easier to install and add more content.I mean not just armor/weapon/building here and there.
BUT, as usual all is personal and i doubt ppl, that write most of the posts,ever play both to give proper opinion. And a lot of posts are ....they steal, they are not and so on.

Did not try yet, so i wonder -can any1 compare both mods.? Stability, contents etc. O and install process too:))

We are here!:
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Tribal Raven

Tribal Raven

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TTW or SFW-RA Empty
PostSubject: Re: TTW or SFW-RA   TTW or SFW-RA EmptyFri May 22, 2020 11:22 am

Ehh... SFW has some advantages that are neat like the alternate start and the questline combining FNV and FO3 but I feel that's about it.

Regardless of what people say, TTW 3.2 is not difficult to install, just more steps. And stability is really great in 3.2, another thing I feel like people like rip on for no reason.

With both mods, you will have incompatibilities with other mods and what not but it's not nearly as severe as some people like to say. YES, you do have to fix things to make some "incompatible" mods work in TTW 3.2 but it's not hard if you have any sense of familiarity with the GECK and xEdit.

Another big thing I want to point out is the amount of mods ported to work on TTW 3.2 seems to be far less than what is available for SFW. This is due to the massive changes from TTW 2.9 to 3.2 which broke many of the previously ported mods. SFW doesn't seem to have that problem but I have no experience with that.

I personally will continue to use TTW but I think SFW is an interesting project, just not necessary for me when I already have something that I view as stable and meets every need I have.

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TTW or SFW-RA Empty
PostSubject: Re: TTW or SFW-RA   TTW or SFW-RA EmptySun Jun 14, 2020 8:45 pm

huh, never heard of SFW before. Sounds interesting.

I guess it only works on the russian copies of the game? everything I found on it was russian.
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TTW or SFW-RA Empty
PostSubject: Re: TTW or SFW-RA   TTW or SFW-RA Empty

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