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June 2024
June 2024


 Hello o/

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Nyak Kyak

Nyak Kyak

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Hello o/ Empty
PostSubject: Hello o/   Hello o/ EmptyWed Mar 25, 2020 1:01 am


I'm a new member and I'm totally trustworthy and active. I am definitely not making an attempt to join your little clique club to gain access to potentially illegal game-rip mods. I mean, the asset thieves... erm, I mean the reputable mod authors clearly must have an important reason for only sharing other's people work- erm, I mean their valuable work with trustworthy individuals. Who knows what calamity may befall humanity if those mods fall on the wrong hands! World world 3? Alien invasion? Rogue AIs nuking the planet? I mean, those "mod authors" are certainly the last line of defense. Peace keepers, to be sure. I salute you, ye brave souls.

I was delighted to learn that the site only respects the wishes of these great heroes, rather than harboring and encouraging an exclusionary, pointless little club hierarchy. Truly, great work! I imagine that this protects those "authors" from being sued probably... wait what am I saying, I mean, errr... protecting their identities so that their enemies can't harm their families, like any other superhero.

So yeah, I'm totally going to be part of this farce and I'm definitely looking forward to socializing with all these great, selfless people. It's not like their asking people to kiss their ass for stolen assets. TongueTril
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Hello o/

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