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February 2020


 Pillars of the Community Companion

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Pillars of the Community Companion Empty
PostSubject: Pillars of the Community Companion   Pillars of the Community Companion EmptySat Aug 17, 2019 8:11 am

Since fallout 4 was weird enough to actually let your character join (and apparently believe in) the pillars of the community, I always sort of wished there was more content attached to them, for the sake of players who were actually unusual enough to join them instead of the more obvious choice of wiping them out or avoiding them.

I can't help but imagine a fanatically dedicated (probably humorously so) companion character who was actively trying to follow the "tenets" of the community, and was actively (and probably futility) trying to figure out how reach the next level. I can see a quest of some kind attached to this...
Admittedly, a companion who doesn't like material possessions might not be very useful -- but then I choose my companions more on their entertainment value and personality and reactivity anyway. Maybe for once a character who is really good at unarmed combat...
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Pillars of the Community Companion

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