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October 2019


 [FNV] JIP Command and Control mod

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[FNV] JIP Command and Control mod Empty
PostSubject: [FNV] JIP Command and Control mod   [FNV] JIP Command and Control mod EmptyThu Jun 27, 2019 12:40 pm

Never had a problem with JIPCC, but now i suddenly got one after 20+ hours of play.
ATM i have Boone, Jack, Veronica and Ed-e. If i send them all to guard position in same cell, i just cannot get away from them. When i do that i got massive stutter. If i go to another cell - no problem, no stutter.
Same happens with relax or wait.
Dismiss and rehire - nothing change. Left only 1 companion - same happens. Just cannot get away from them.

EDIT: Blind clicking and search( have no idea about scripts, etc),reading a lot! but menage to localize where the problem is. NVEC-Enhancements adds a lines in script, that remove companion perks in distance. For some reason that, cause this Never had it before. Looks like it mess with YUP or UPP. No idea.
Now, since i do not have skills i just remove that scripts.

Can any1 get that esp(i'll send it) and just remove that part in the script.

We are here!:
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[FNV] JIP Command and Control mod

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