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 Custom radio problem

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Custom radio problem Empty
PostSubject: Custom radio problem   Custom radio problem EmptyWed Mar 20, 2019 12:49 pm

So, when I normally start nodding a Fallout game, one of the first things I look in to is radio station replacers, or a new station. Either way, my own music comes out of the radios. It’s simple enough, from what I can vaguely remember. I just had to convert my mp3’s into a usable format.

There is a problem however... who the bloody hell stores mp3’s Or wav’s on their hard disks anymore? Does anyone even have cd-roms these days? I don’t. These days, I’m using Spotify for music. Though from what I gather, you can’t download tracks in to any usable format, or rather it’s encrypted.

Does anyone know a way I can download music from Spotify? Or is there some other alternative software I can use, that won’t have this problem? It’s not something I can’t do with out. I’m just curious if anyone’s figured out a solve yet.
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Custom radio problem

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